CLF welcomes new pastor

By Jacy Glazier

Pam Power started her new role last Monday as pastor for the Custer Luthern Fellowship.

Pam Power hasn’t always been a career pastor. In fact, the Long Island, NY, native started her career path in customer service and IT before becoming ordained in 2009.
“It was not a light decision,” said Power. “I fought it for a long time and it took several years of thought and prayer because it isn’t a job; it’s a calling.”
Her first gig was as a solo pastor at a small church in Irwin, Penn., outside Pittsburgh. After that, Power, her husband, Chaz, and their son, Matthew, moved to Bismarck, N.D., where she took a job at a much larger congregation as an associate pastor.
“It was a large staff with three full-time pastors. I was there for about three and a half years when I felt compelled to do something different,” said Power.
After visiting Custer on a family vacation last summer and being in awe of the beauty of the area, she started restricting her search to just South Dakota.
“There are not many congregations of this size where a position becomes available often. I applied and after just a few weeks the bishop called and things just fell into place so perfectly,” Power said.
Power said that the congregation seemed like a perfect match for her and is excited to be serving here.
“The congregation is so open, friendly and vibrant. Before we moved into the parsonage the women of the church stocked the fridge and cupboards — they even left a box of dog treats for our pit bull, Bear,” Power said of the welcoming.
As far as goals with the church this year, Power said she will primarily be getting to know the congregation and community.
“I am excited to find out what the needs are in the community and how the church can help fill them, as well as what makes this community passionate and excited,” said Power.