Election was about real change in USA


Americans elected Barack Obama president in 2008 and again in 2012 on the promise of “Hope and Change.” This, obviously, hasn’t worked out too well for us as the change he promised was not what we had in mind and the hope turned into despair for so many working class people. More than anything, the election of Donald Trump was a repudiation of the last eight years of the Obama administration, where Hillary Clinton played a pivotal part as a senator and secretary of state.

Practically all the pollsters were  way wrong and the so-called mainstream media failed to get their candidate elected in spite of rooting unabashedly for her to become the first woman president. The silent majority of Heartland America’s forgotten white middle class voters said enough was enough of this current corrupt administration and said they certainly didn’t want another four years like the last eight years.

Trump won the election as a political outsider who vowed to “drain the swamp” and end years of political corruption epitomized by his opponent in the nation’s capital. He won against all odds and left practically all pollsters with egg on their faces. Trump had to contend with an obviously biased national media that seemed to magnify all of his missteps and disregard much larger accusations, like lack of email security, of his opponent.

The president-elect also had to do battle with those in his own party who never seemed to accept him as a viable political candidate. They outwardly mocked and scorned him during the primary debates and primary elections, and never got behind him as the general election approached. We understand why this may have happened as he stepped on many toes and did some unnecessary, uncalled for name-calling in the heat of the primary battle. He appears to have moved way beyond this stage and is now acting presidential. He needs to keep this up.

The reaction from the liberal left was to be expected, except for the rioting in at least eight major U.S. cities. There were “crying places” set up on college campuses and a general gnashing of teeth. It appears that these rioters were paid and bused in by the hundreds to places like Portland, Ore., which is a real liberal hotbed. It doesn’t seem that it would be too difficult for our Justice Department to get to the bottom of this. The name George Soros comes to mind. But nothing will ever happen.

It’s time to restore the rule of law to America and bring back jobs lost to foreign countries. A lowered corporate tax rate should accomplish this and tightened border security should cut down on the number of illegal aliens. So called sanctuary cities should cease to exist. Supreme Court nominees will be on the more conservative than liberal side. America’s status in the world should be revived.

Voters generally appeared to cast their ballots for the much lesser of two evils. For those worried about four or more years of Trump, we can only say, if the country survived the past eight years of an Obama administration, it can survive anything.