Sexual charges seem to be quite rampant


It all started with accusations of sexual harassment and assault, to include rape, against Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein several months ago. The Weinstein allegations opened a Pandora’s Box of sexual abuse and intimidation charges coming from dozens of Hollywood starlets leveled at their former male handlers in the entertainment industry.

Weinstein is being investigated by the Los Angeles Police Department, as well as law enforcement agencies in several other states. Thus far more than 40 women have  accused Weinstein of sexual misconduct. Most of these incidents happened in the early years of their entertainment careers when they appeared to be more vulnerable to his unwanted advances.

Incidents of misconduct even resulted in charges of sexual assault, harassment and attempted rape being leveled by over a dozen males against Oscar-winner actor Keven Spacey. The incidents reportedly happened when the accusers were in their teens.

Spacey’s response to allegations of sexual misconduct by Star Wars actor Anthony Rapp left something to be desired. He said he didn’t remember such an incident that reportedly happened when he had been drinking in 1986 when Spacey was 26 and Rapp was in his teens. Spacey also came out as gay in his response. He has been dropped by Netflix in a series he has been working in and will probably be a Hollywood outcast forever. Actions have consequences.

We don’t pretend to know how many of these reported incidents are true or if the person is just seeking to get their moment in the spotlight. It seems they all happened some time ago when the accusers were much younger and probably more vulnerable to improper sexual advances. It’s the time lapse that is perplexing. Why didn’t these now successful people speak up before?

Now the “10 Commandments Judge,” Alabama Republican U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore, has had serious sexual allegations made against him by at least five  women. Among other things, he is accused of initiating sexual contact with a 14-year-old in 1979 when he was 32 years old. Four others have accused him of inappropriate contact when they were in their teens.

Moore has called the charges coming from a story in The Washington Post “false and untrue” and threatened to sue the newspaper for publishing it. His friends and colleagues in Alabama have rallied around him, but Republicans in Washington, D.C., couldn’t throw him under the bus fast enough. Dozens of politicians in his own party have urged him to resign, but his name is already on ballots which cannot be reprinted in time for the election.

Some believe this is a well-timed political hit job coming just a month ahead of the special Dec. 12 U.S. Senate election in Alabama to replace former Sen. Jeff Sessions who is now U.S. Attorney General. Why now and not before, they ask. Good question.

It seems the murky swamp continues to spread in not only Washington, D.C., but now stretches across our hallowed land to the entertainment industry in Hollywood, which has long been suspected of gross immorality.