Sheriff’s Log Top 10 for 2017


The following is a list of the top items in the Custer County  Chronicle’s Sheriff’s Log for 2017, as selected by the staff of the Chronicle. There will be 20 of the year’s favorite calls featured over the next two weeks, with numbers 10 through one this week. The Sheriff’s Log is written weekly by Custer County sheriff’s deputy Heath Lowry.

No. 10

“I can’t rest with all these sirens outside.”

Friday, Jan. 20

While assembling an inflatable bed a citizen accidently pushed their panic alarm button on Lechner Lane. Everything was fine but it is not clear if they found the correct sleeping number.

No. 9

“Dasher, Dancer, Prancer and Splatter.”

Monday, Sept. 11

Originally reported on North Pole Road, a deer was struck and killed by a vehicle on US Highway 16 west of Custer. Santa was greatly relieved to discover it was not one from his herd.

No. 8

“That deputy (bed) rocks.”

Sunday, Oct. 1

While on patrol in the area of the old Flintstones property, a deputy observed some suspicious activity.   During the course of the investigation it was determined this was a theft in progress. Four juveniles were arrested for a variety of charges. A faint cry of “Yabba-Dabba-Do” was heard in appreciation for the deputy’s hard work.

No. 7

“He probably burns

popcorn in the

break room, too.”

Sunday, March 5

A possible robbery was reported at a convenience store in Hermosa. The investigation revealed the clerk left the cash register drawer open himself and there was not a robbery. It is so hard to get good help these days.

No. 6

“They have an instinct for these things.”

Thursday, Sept. 28

A reckless ATV was reported on Grey Rocks Road. The complainant reported a young juvenile “spinning donuts” in the gravel. The suspect was not located. However the deputy had no trouble locating the donuts.

No. 5

“I got $100 that says they were talking politics.”

Tuesday, Aug. 22

Two “adult” sisters, 63 and 51 years of age were on a road trip through the Black Hills to see the sights. The older sister was driving and decided she had enough of her sister’s company. They engaged in a verbal argument at the Custer State Park General Store. One sister was given a ride to Rapid City to catch a bus home. I wonder what the family reunion will be like in that family.

No. 4

“I clearly told him

sshhplllmmmmaddnlllshh. What part of that

didn’t he get?”

Thursday, July 13

A highly intoxicated male contacted the sheriff’s office after an unknown male used his credit card to buy him groceries. The complainant was mad because the helper spent too much money. Maybe next time consider not giving out your credit card.  It is just a thought.

No. 3

“Is it too late

to say sorry?

What do you mean?”

Saturday, Jan. 21

Deputies responded to a building in downtown Custer for the report of a young male threatening to jump from the roof. It turned out he was serenading the ladies on the street with some “music” by a guy named Bieber. If I had to listen to that “music” I might want to…

No. 2

“This moon was unusually pale and hairy.”

A concerned citizen reported three people “mooning the passing bikers” on north 5th Street in Custer. The subjects were contacted but no illegal conduct was observed. The full moon was not scheduled until Aug. 7.

No. 1

“You’re not supposed to answer back, they say.”

Tuesday, July 4

A concerned citizen reported a disturbance with a man yelling and screaming in a campground east of Custer. The investigation revealed the elderly man was hard of hearing and having a conversation with himself.