Sheriff’s Log Top 10 for 2017


The following is a list of the top items in the Custer County  Chronicle’s Sheriff’s Log for 2017, as selected by the staff of the Chronicle. There will be 20 of the year’s favorite calls featured over the next two weeks, with numbers 20 through 11 this week. The Sheriff’s Log is written weekly by Custer County sheriff’s deputy Heath Lowry.

No. 20

“Except you don’t want to eat it or carve it.”

Friday, Aug. 4

It was reported that a load of pumpkins was dumped on Highway 79 south of Hermosa. When the deputy checked the area the pumpkins were gone. The call must have been a load of something on the road but not pumpkins.

No. 19

“I thought it was more of a guideline than anything.”

Wednesday, June 21

A 48 hour timeout was placed on a 25-year-old male who failed his breath test for 24/7. A couple of days in jail should give him the idea that “may not consume alcohol” is not just a suggestion.

No. 18

“One can often beget

the other.”

Sunday, Feb. 19

Shortly after midnight, a deputy locked a vehicle’s speed (on radar) at 91 MPH in a posted 60 MPH zone on US Highway 16 north of Custer. A 29-year-old male from Marion was arrested for suspicion of DUI. He was later released to a third party on bond.  Incidentally, the driver and parts of his car were, “covered in vomit.” I am sure it was not the flu…

No. 17

“You can’t drink

all day if you don’t start in the morning.”

Tuesday, Jan. 17

About 10 a.m. during morning court a 64-year-old male arrived late for his court appearance related to several DUI cases. The subject smelled of alcohol and was determined to be intoxicated. His case was referred to the state’s attorney for review. I don’t think the judge was very pleased with his conduct.

No. 16

“They say drinking kills brain cells.”

A 27-year-old male decided that doing “burnouts” all over downtown Custer would be fun shortly after midnight. His fun ended when he was placed under arrest for DUI.  He received a free ride to the Pennington County Jail where he was able to contemplate the consequences of his actions.

No. 15

“From the ‘things

that happen every

summer’ file.”

Sunday, July 16

A deputy assisted units from Custer State Park with an oversize camper that failed to heed the warning signs for Hood Tunnel.  He backed up the hill for about a half mile to turn around.  His fellow tourists were none too happy with him, either.

No. 14

“Only YOU can prevent my signs from being stolen.”

Thursday, Sept. 7

Three “Smokey Bear Posters” were reported stolen on Camp Remington Road. Apparently he can prevent forest fires but not thefts.

No. 13

“Friends don’t let friends drive drunk… even if they pull a gun.”

Sunday, July 2

At an Iron Mountain Road campground, while having a family reunion and celebrating the Fourth of July weekend, things went awry when a very intoxicated female decided she wanted to leave and drive away. Several others at the party did not think it was a good idea for her to drive.  All was well in the world until the intoxicated female retrieved a gun from her vehicle and made several threats. Ultimately she was booked into the Pennington County Jail for several charges. At least the party did not end with a “bang.”

No. 12

“We do everything


Wednesday, Aug. 9

A 46-year-old male and a 37-year-old female were a no shows for 24/7 testing.  Warrants were issued for their arrest. No coincidence, they are married. No, they don’t get to share a cell.

No. 11

“In lieu of flowers,

please send a

forwarding address.”

Sunday, June18

A hit and run crash is under investigation on Millpond Estates Drive.  This investigation involves the timeless deaths of multiple mailboxes. A funeral is expected to be held at the local aluminum recycling center.