Welcome to The Best!


When you picked up this week’s newspaper you might have noticed that it is a little different from our normal weekly editions. Besides being just a little bit heavier (make that a lot heavier) it has some really interesting advertising and editorial content.
Credit goes to Southern Hills Publishing’s general manager Jason Ferguson for the Custer County Chronicle news and photo content and Prevailer News editor Jeff Smith along with Ferguson for the Hill City/Keystone news features and photos. They are a compilation of the many news events that occurred in our Southern Black Hills communities during the past year of 2017.
Ad design was primarily done by Darrell Mohr, Joshua Najacht and Norma Najacht. Advertising sales for the Custer area was handled by Kate Najacht and in the Hill City/Keystone area by Elaine Studt. The latter two did the best they could in contacting people about this special issue in a time span of only three weeks. We promoted The Best in several issues prior to this week and apologize to anyone who may have inadvertently been left out.
In reality, we had no idea the issue would be so well accepted and take off the way it did. The Best gives our area businesses the opportunity to tell our readers what separates them from the big city stores and encourages local people to check out the stores in their own communities and patronize them. We have some great stores in the area!
Our local businesses need your support this time of the year more than at any other time. Winter weather may have kept some people bundled up inside their homes for a few weeks, so now would be a good time to get out and see what our local stores have to offer. Amazon.com may be a convenient online shopping source, but it doesn’t need your business as much as our local stores do. Trust us on that. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, richest person in history, doesn’t need our help.
If you are looking for local business support for your next school or organization fundraiser and are a big online or out-of-town shopper, try hitting up Amazon or the big box stores and see what happens. Our local businesses support local organizations and events all year long, so don’t forget about them when you go shopping. Don’t be a stranger in our Southern Hills stores.
We encourage you to take your time in reading through every page of this week’s special newspapers in Custer and Hill City and patronize the advertisers who made it possible and who support us so we can bring it to you. We had fun putting it all together and we trust you will enjoy reading it.