Where are the real honest people?


When you look at the current state of national politics and this entire Obama administration fiasco in Washington, D.C., you have to ask yourself if there are any honest people left in the world. Even at the state level in South Dakota we have had fraud and abuse in things like the EB-5 Program involving foreign investors and visas that had little state government oversight.

Everything pales in relation to the scandals that have plagued Bill and Hillary Clinton for the past 30 years. The most recent classified emails going through her non-secure server in her home has to top them all. How she got past the FBI on this one has everyone scratching their heads, probably even some Democrats who are tiring of her antics. It’s one thing after another.

Compared to Clinton, Donald Trump looks like an altar boy, although the print and broadcast media are doing everything they can to portray him as an uncouth, woman- hating monster and elevate Clinton to sainthood status. The timely release of 2005 tapes recording some “locker room” language about women didn’t help Trump, either. It’s Trump against the media, Democrats (not all), and even some of his own party, like the Bushes. Trump would be wise to stick to his script of pointing out Clinton’s failures, and there are many, and lose his tweeting phone.

Notice that Clinton is not gloating on any of her so-called achievements, but is attacking Trump from every angle and calling him every name in the book. She’s attacking because she can’t tell us about any of her crowning successes in stabilizing places like Libya and Syria when she was Secretary of State. She may have visited over 100 countries while in that position, but to what end? So many have been destabilized because of our meddling.

When we almost had Iraq stabilized, what did we do? We pulled out our troops entirely and created a situation where ISIS moved in and took over most of the country before we realized what was happening. Then we had to send more of our troops back into that country. Now ISIS has spread to more than 30 countries.

Clinton is also joined at the hip with Obamacare which is imploding. Remember, “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. If you like your plan you can keep your plan.” Now she vows to fix what is broken. Good luck.

So, it was refreshing to see our District 30 State Senate and House candidates at the forum sponsored by the Chronicle last Thursday evening at the Custer High School auditorium. These are all honest, sincere candidates vying for their respective offices, a far cry from what we are seeing on the national stage. It was obvious that some had more knowledge than others about the issues and challenges facing Custer County and District 30.

Rep. Lance Russell of Hot Springs had a better grasp than most on all the topics presented because he has spent the last eight years in Pierre and is now term limited. So he is running for the Senate after defeating Republican incumbent Sen. Bruce Rampelberg in the primary last June. Russell is no friend of the current administration in Pierre because he oftens bucks the system.

Russell chastised Gov. Dennis Daugaard for ordering the closing of STAR Academy south of Custer before a plan was ever put in place to repurpose the facilities there. He suggested the buildings and grounds would be a perfect place for drug and alcohol rehabilitation, which seems to be running rampant in the state, especially meth addiction. We can’t imagine such a proposal in Pierre not receiving bipartisan Legislative support.

After opening comments, it was a fast hour and a half of answering questions. It was apparent that all candidates are willing to work to try to get positive things accomplished. This would be a refreshing change compared to what is happening in Washington, D.C.