TeamMates getting rave reviews

The TeamMates mentoring program is now well underway in the Custer School District and if the reviews coming in from mentors alone are any indication, the program is a rousing success.  “It’s been awesome,” said mentor Terri Herman, who finished her training just before Christmas. “It’s been a great experience!” Herman has had only two […]

Strong support

What is hoped to become a support group for the growing number of grandparents who are acting as parents to their grandchildren was kicked off last week in the Custer High School Commons. Referring to them as “Second Goers” for lack of a better term, high school principal Orion Thompson welcomed the group of nearly […]

County hopes to join ag land pilot program

If accepted, Custer County will soon be a part of a pilot program that will see the county’s department of equalization investigate what the value of the county’s agricultural land would be based upon its most probable use as opposed to the type of soil it has on it and potential uses of that soil. […]

Crackerbarrel is Feb. 9

A crackerbarrel featuring all three of the South Dakota State Legislature District 30 representatives will take place next Saturday, Feb. 9, at 1:30 p.m....

Battle Creek gets help from BHE

The Battle Creek Fire Station in Keystone has been undergoing renovations to help make bedrooms, add insulation and create an office. On Jan. 22 Black Hills Energy presented Battle Creek with a check for $15,000 to help get those renovations and projects done. “Thanks for all the work you do,” said Marc Eyre, director of operations […]

Shopko closure details foggy

When it comes to the recent announcement of the closure of the Custer Shopko store, it seems there is plenty of confusion and misinformation...

New FLDS locale?

The man who formerly ran the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (FLDS) compound in southwest Custer County has resurfaced in Minnesota as a registered agent for a company that recently purchased 40 acres of land in Minnesota. Seth Jeffs, brother of Warren Jeffs, imprisoned leader of the FLDS, applied to build […]

Hermosa pitches new P&Z law

If the Town of Hermosa gets its way, the days of small towns having to come up with enough bodies to fill both its town board and its planning and zoning board will be a thing of the past. That’s because the town, with the help of its attorney, Mitch Johnson of Rapid City, have […]

City hosts comp plan input sessions

The City of Custer recently hosted four meetings regarding forthcoming changes to its comprehensive plan, with the stated goal of the meetings to gather information from the public as to the direction it would like to see the city go as it lays out its road map for the future. The sessions were led by […]

Hermosa school plan moves forward

Plans to build a new elementary school in Hermosa took a couple of steps forward at the regular meeting of the Custer Board of Education on Monday, Jan. 14. The board took action on two agenda items dealing with soil testing on the proposed building site and the drafting of a preliminary building plan.  Current […]

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