How about some laws for the rest of us?

The 2019 South Dakota legislative session is now in full swing and bills are flying around the Capitol like a swarm of bats in a Black Hills cave. Last year the state House and Senate cranked out over 300 new laws that were signed by the governor. That doesn’t even include the bills that either […]

Revitalizing rural South Dakota

Hometowns are the heartbeat of South Dakota. I’m proud to be from a rural hometown. It’s where I learned the values of hard work...

I’m a bad driver, just like you

There must be something in the water in the Black Hills. I’ve seen the worst drivers of my life since moving here about five years ago. I wish I could say I was any better, but I’m not.  While I am originally from the Black Hills, I hadn’t had a whole lot of experience driving here […]

Gillette commercial misses the mark

A recently released Gillette razor blade commercial wants you to know something—it’s time to stop excusing bad behavior as “boys being boys.” Or perhaps...

The highs and lows of moving

On Jan. 11, at around 10:30 a.m., I did something I had never done before. I bought a house. It was around that time when I signed the final document of what seemed like a million documents I had to sign, plunging myself into six figures of debt, becoming my own landlord and assuring I had to […]

Checking out a telephone

My dad owned and operated the telephone company in Auxvasse, Mo., and I often watched him as he worked on telephones. The telephones at that time were long wooden wall telephones. Most people were on party lines. Businesses were on private lines. Our telephone number was 131F2, so we would answer to two short rings. […]

Shopko closure presents challenge

We should have seen it coming. Wisconsin-based retail chain Shopko announced last month the closing of four of its stores in South Dakota–Dell Rapids, Redfield,...

Burning Beetle part six is upon us

The great and marvelous, high holy day of the Burning Beetle is once again upon us, and we’re ready. At the final meeting of the Custer Arts Council’s Bark Beetle Blues committee on Tuesday, planners finished last-minute tasks, stuffed sponsor envelopes, prepared for the variety show, drum corps, torch parade, Burning Beetle event and Bug […]

My cousin, Richard Sullins

I remember Richard as the older brother of William and Russell. We always referred to him as Little Richard. His dad was Uncle Richard. I had a great deal of respect for Little Richard. He was older than I was, so I considered him as quite grown up and very smart. He didn’t play with […]

Shutdown is not about the money

It has become painfully clear that the government shutdown for the past two weeks or so is not about the money, but the Democrats’...

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