Chicken issue should have gone to voters

By a 3-2 vote Monday night, the Custer City Council struck down a proposed change to a city code that would have allowed chickens to be raised within the city limits, with each property allowed to raise six chickens as long as they were not a nuisance to neighbors and the proper permits were purchased. […]

The importance of different agencies

Custer lost a good one in Bill Bell

Some things have to be earned

By now you have all had the opportunity to take in the news that broke last week about the well-heeled parents who paid money to certain individuals to ensure their children got into a number of prestigious colleges. The institutions of higher learning involved include Yale, Georgetown, Stanford, University of Southern California, University of California […]

Protecting our free press

“Either write things worth reading, or do things worth writing,” is a quote often attributed to Benjamin Franklin. That’s often how I feel like my relationship goes with the press. I hope to be doing things worth writing about, and I hope they are writing things worth reading.    One of South Dakota’s greatest resources […]

The season of singing

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