Tis the season for zucchini wars

I believe in sharing God’s bounty. I think if God has blessed you with something, it should be shared. And what is more bountiful this time of year than zucchini? When we lived in Broken Bow, Neb., our neighbors raised a fine crop of zucchini, which they decided to share with our family. They were […]

A new system to serve all students

Nearly 50 cents of every state tax dollar goes to education. That includes funding for our public universities, technical schools, and the state Department...

Are you tired of rain yet?

As I was watching the pea-size hail come down with more rain on our back deck last Sunday afternoon I couldn’t help but be thankful it was not larger. I’m also thankful that we will get a brief respite from the record rainfall this week. News that this is a record year for rainfall in […]

Ten things I have learned about Custer

It has been nearly a year since Tammy and I started living full-time in Custer and, oh, what an interesting and fruitful time it has been! We survived the winter to end all winters—living in a camper no less. We have made many new friends, I have a new career and we have learned a […]

Chamber, volunteers make GDD a success

Our collective hats are off to the dedicated crew at the Custer Area Chamber of Commerce and the many volunteers who all did their...

Making our alcohol laws more modern

When I speak with business prospects, I often praise our common sense regulatory environment. I emphasize that we don’t place unnecessary hurdles before our...

How two years can last forever

One of the great things about living in the Black Hills is that it’s a destination. I’ve lived in various states around the Midwest, but since moving back to the Black Hills, I have heard the refrain of, “We’re going to visit you soon,” quite a bit. Yeah, it’s true. People you may not connect […]

Welcome to augmented reality

What you are holding in your hands today is an historic newspaper, the first of its kind in our 138-year-old history. It is, without...

Maryland newsroom shooting hits home

A chill went up the collective spines of newsrooms all across the United States Thursday, June 28, when a gunman who harbored a grudge against the Annapolis Capital Gazette went into the newspaper’s building and opened fire, killing five and injuring more. The gunman had harbored that resentment against the paper for years and, more […]

Let’s celebrate America!

It’s often been said that there are many more things that unite us than divide us in America, and never has this been more...

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