The season of singing

Do you like to read your TV?

College degrees and their debt

There’s no doubt students who decide to pursue higher education at one of the many universities and colleges throughout the United States are making a significant investment in their future, but a vast majority of them end up trading their cap and gown for a mountain of debt and uncertainty. In fact, 70 percent of […]

Shouldn’t players want to play?

The hidden benefits of mistakes

We need to find common ground

After listening to the president’s recent State of the Union address, I expressed optimism about his vision for pursuing an agenda that inspires cooperation, commonsense and compromise. The two parties, if they’re serious about working together, can end the partisan divide in Washington and help enhance Americans’ quality of life in the 21st century and […]

Protecting our way of life

I grew up in a family that always had a shotgun in the pickup; our vacations were spent hunting in the mountains. Even at...

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