My cousin, Richard Sullins

I remember Richard as the older brother of William and Russell. We always referred to him as Little Richard. His dad was Uncle Richard. I had a great deal of respect for Little Richard. He was older than I was, so I considered him as quite grown up and very smart. He didn’t play with […]

Shutdown is not about the money

It has become painfully clear that the government shutdown for the past two weeks or so is not about the money, but the Democrats’...

Working together as a team

As you may have noticed in a December issue of this newspaper, Norma and I recently celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary. Not only that, but we have been working together for most of those 50 years, if you can believe that!  I started at the Hot Springs Star in June of 1972 shortly after being […]

Carson an easy choice for our Citizen of the Year

It’s the first of the year, which means it is time for the Custer County Chronicle to unveil its choice for Citizen of the...

The gate of the year

New Year’s is an interesting phenomenon. Everyone looks at it as a time of change—a time for looking to the past year with satisfaction and/or regret and a time to look to the new year with a mixture of hope and fear. But the reality is that nothing really changes.  Oh yes, we have to […]

Florence Mayer

Florence (Butler) Mayer was born April 14, 1932. She grew up in Yankton, S.D., where she finished her college degree in education. She became a...

Farewell to 2018, welcome in 2019!

It seems like just yesterday we had to get used to writing and saying 2018 instead of 2017 and here we are on the...

The myth of the midlife crisis

Midlife boredom can be dangerous. Some say a midlife crisis is an inevitable, even healthy detour. I think that’s bunk.  I took a psychology class the summer before last, and in that class I got to investigate whether or not midlife crises actually exist. It turns out that some people may have a mid-point adjustment, […]

Memories with Harry

My brother, Harry, would often go out just outside of town and shoot rabbits and squirrels and bring them home. Mom would cook them and all of us ate them. Harry especially enjoyed eating them. He also caught frogs on a pond nearby and brought them home. Mom would fry the frog legs to a […]

Don’t agree with Harley’s stance

Some stunning news that Custer Senior Center officials had known since November became public last week when it was announced that Harley-Davidson, after seven...

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