Three degrees of South Dakota—or less?

One of the things I love about living in Custer—and in South Dakota for that matter—is the sense of community here. The connections between those of us who have South Dakota roots are many and strong. Wherever I travel in this great state—from Edgemont to Aberdeen and from Yankton to Buffalo—it doesn’t take long to […]

Hunting for answers

My son, Isaiah, who is 3-1/2 years old, pointed to the dead tom turkey at our feet and told me he has a beard just like I do. It’s true. Toms have beards. It’s not exactly like mine, but we both have beards. This particular tom’s beard may have been better than mine. But that […]

NRA getting a really bad rap

The National Rifle Association (NRA) has taken its fair, and should we say, undeserved, share of lumps lately in the wake of the high...

Social media is vulnerable

Mark Zuckerberg is nearly as much of a household name as the platform he created. Facebook, which was developed by Zuckerberg in his college...

The love of a father

My father has been dead for almost four years now and the events surrounding his death, at least as far as my knowledge of it, remain a mystery. Par for the course, because my dad was a bit of an enigma even before his death. You see, my dad and I didn’t always have the […]

Eighteen years of progress in county

This edition of the Custer County Chronicle marks the 18th consecutive year of our annual Progress Editions, and, if we must say so, it...

Using technology in the trees

There’s a revolution in the woods and it’s driven by technology like smart phone apps and drones. Like most revolutions, it has simmered these many years with only the occasional marker to signal its rise. I remember when the first scanners came to the sharp chains and head rigs in sawmills; computers calculate the best […]

America has been fighting proxy wars

Here we go again with sabers rattling from all sides and battle cries being shouted, even from the liberal media. America, once again, is...

Sometimes I hate the Hills

I have no use for winter. None. I don’t ski. I don’t snowboard. I don’t hunt animals that require me to be able to find tracks. I don’t sled. I don’t shovel or plow snow for a living. I don’t like being cold. I don’t like freezing half to death walking from our office to city hall. I don’t like […]

Paper tariffs a big concern

The threat of paper tariffs has been a deep concern for our company and the entire newspaper industry since last fall, when one lone...

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