Custer lost a good one in Bill Bell

A fond, but tearful, goodbye

Six years ago, I was just like every other recent college graduate — excited for a new chapter in my life, slightly scared about being unemployed and wondering why I had to wait six months to get my diploma in the mail. So if you would have told me that four months later, I would […]

Founding Fathers should look out

Watch your backsides, George and Thomas! You, too, Roosevelt and Lincoln. You must certainly have been  racists in the past because you were white men and only white men are racists. There are youthful, intolerant lib zealots out there today who are gunning for you. After all, Washington and Jefferson were prominent slave owners, so […]

Why exchange Bismarck Lake?

In response to a request from Governor Daugaard, the “Spearfish Canyon and Bismarck Lake Land Exchange Act” was introduced into both Houses of Congress by the South Dakota congressional delegation last month.  This Bill proposes to exchange Black Hills National Forest lands around Bismarck Lake and Roughlock Falls in Spearfish Canyon or isolated parcels of […]

Vacation rental saga continues

The latest word on the continuing saga of vacation rentals in residential areas of Custer is that the can will continue to be kicked down the road by the city council. Jason has covered this topic since it first came to light at a city council meeting last September, and here we are almost a […]

Editorial had ‘alternative facts’

The July 5 Viewpoint by Scott Hulet is seemingly a patriotic article designed to coincide with one of our most patriotic holidays, the 4th of July. I say seemingly because the author does little to factually support his personal belief we as a country have blown it and we have forgotten how to be Americans. […]

Another Southern Hills gut punch

The hits just keep coming for the Southern Black Hills, as in a decision that was probably a foregone conclusion months, if not years ago, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs said it has finalized its decision to reconfigure the VA Black Hills Health Care System and close a major part of the historic VA […]

Shopko closure presents challenge

We should have seen it coming. Wisconsin-based retail chain Shopko announced last month the closing of four of its stores in South Dakota–Dell Rapids, Redfield,...

Do you have solar eclipse fever?

Less than five days after you pick up this paper, the moon will pass between the sun and the Earth, casting a shadow. All of North America will experience at least a partial eclipse. For a couple of minutes Monday, Aug. 21, we’re going to experience dark in the middle of the day. The event […]

What’s next for STAR Academy?

The non-auction for the former STAR Academy buildings and 174 acres last Wednesday, Oct. 18, leaves a lot of questions. The big question would naturally be, what happened? Why were there no viable bidders? What scared off potential bidders? Was the property properly marketed? And the biggest one yet, what happens now? The $2.34 million […]

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