Evolving history of blue jeans

Like many of you, my favorite pants are a good old pair of blue jeans, either Levi, Lee or Wrangler. Nothing else seems to fit the bill for total utilitarian use. You can wear them just about anywhere and on just about any occasion, be it cutting wood or going out to dinner, or for […]

As in art, so in life

I had the pleasure of interviewing and writing a story about an artist whose work I have admired since I first saw her work about two years ago. She has endured some major hardships in her life and she was concerned that the story not dwell on them. She said a lot of people have […]

Schools: The new shooting range

It must be terrifying to be a high school student in this day and age. Seemingly once a week we hear about another deranged teenager who slaughtered a bunch of their classmates. We express shock, offer our “thoughts and prayers” and listen to the parents and friends of the child talk about how it was so […]

Shutdown is not about the money

It has become painfully clear that the government shutdown for the past two weeks or so is not about the money, but the Democrats’...

Showing our gratitude to vets

Each year on Memorial Day, we honor the lives of the men and women who bravely served our country and paid the ultimate price....

We’ve forgotten how to be Americans

To our founding fathers: Sorry gentlemen, but I think we blew it. After 200 years, we forgot how to be Americans. Oh, there are still some of us who remember the old days. They were born in the ’40s and ’50s when being American meant being patriotic, respecting our flag and not burning it. Oh, […]

Working together as a team

As you may have noticed in a December issue of this newspaper, Norma and I recently celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary. Not only that, but we have been working together for most of those 50 years, if you can believe that!  I started at the Hot Springs Star in June of 1972 shortly after being […]

Community meeting was huge success

The noon community meeting last Friday in the Pine Room of the Custer Courthouse Annex had the wide topic of “Exploring Custer’s Future” and was a huge success by all accounts. It was sponsored by the Custer Economic Development Corporation, Custer Area Chamber of Commerce and City of Custer City. Development corporation chairman Jeff Prior […]

The love of a father

My father has been dead for almost four years now and the events surrounding his death, at least as far as my knowledge of it, remain a mystery. Par for the course, because my dad was a bit of an enigma even before his death. You see, my dad and I didn’t always have the […]

Vacation rental saga continues

The latest word on the continuing saga of vacation rentals in residential areas of Custer is that the can will continue to be kicked down the road by the city council. Jason has covered this topic since it first came to light at a city council meeting last September, and here we are almost a […]

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