Posture matters

My 3-year-old grandson gets it right. He knows how to enter a room — standing up straight, shoulders back, talking a mile a minute, arms waving, hands gesturing, a smile on his face and excitement exuding from his whole being. I told his father he should not be criticized. He should be applauded and emulated. […]

Showing our gratitude to vets

Each year on Memorial Day, we honor the lives of the men and women who bravely served our country and paid the ultimate price....

Great chapter in my book of life

With pen in hand I struggle to write this, my last column as Secretary of the South Dakota Department of Veterans Affairs. Perhaps Winnie the Pooh said it best when he said “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” I’m very thankful that Gov. Daugaard invited me to be […]

Our lives are about to change

When we purchased our home on Rose Place just outside of Custer in November 2000, it seemed to be a lot more than what we needed. After all, Norma and I are two people. What two people need four bedrooms, three and a half baths and about 3,400 square feet of living space? Fast forward […]

Schools: The new shooting range

It must be terrifying to be a high school student in this day and age. Seemingly once a week we hear about another deranged teenager who slaughtered a bunch of their classmates. We express shock, offer our “thoughts and prayers” and listen to the parents and friends of the child talk about how it was so […]

Who decides what is news?

I have been reporting the news around Custer County for about three months now, and you would think for a small town, there wouldn’t be much, but a lot has happened in my time here. Fires, kidnappings, deadly crashes and even a child being left on a school bus. These are not happenings that get […]

Community meeting was huge success

The noon community meeting last Friday in the Pine Room of the Custer Courthouse Annex had the wide topic of “Exploring Custer’s Future” and was a huge success by all accounts. It was sponsored by the Custer Economic Development Corporation, Custer Area Chamber of Commerce and City of Custer City. Development corporation chairman Jeff Prior […]

An ode to autumn

I’m not sure why, but fall has always been my favorite season. I suppose for a kid growing up on the central South Dakota prairie, autumn simply meant a welcome relief from the sometimes brutal heat of summer. But as I moved toward and into my teen years, the season began to take on a […]

Dealing with science and politics

Earth Day came and went. There are some who believe there is a new and dangerous “war on science,” so the day was marked by “Marching for Science” in cities across the country. My wife celebrated by photographing and posting a picture of her plants growing in the kitchen window. She was hip to Earth […]

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