A father-daughter tradition continues

We have a lot of traditions in my family, especially when it comes to the holidays. Every Christmas Eve, we watch “It’s A Wonderful Life” as a family. And then after that, my dad and I watch “A Christmas Story” while Mom rolls her eyes at our incessant need to quote all of the lines as […]

What’s next for STAR Academy?

The non-auction for the former STAR Academy buildings and 174 acres last Wednesday, Oct. 18, leaves a lot of questions. The big question would naturally be, what happened? Why were there no viable bidders? What scared off potential bidders? Was the property properly marketed? And the biggest one yet, what happens now? The $2.34 million […]

Ten things I have learned about Custer

It has been nearly a year since Tammy and I started living full-time in Custer and, oh, what an interesting and fruitful time it has been! We survived the winter to end all winters—living in a camper no less. We have made many new friends, I have a new career and we have learned a […]

Importance of public notices to our readers

Last week we published a story that may or may not have caught your eye. It had to do with House Bill 1167 regarding the publication of public notices in newspapers. This seems to be an annual ritual we go through with the state legislature with the same kind of results, thankfully. The public business […]

Winter, the season we all love to hate

Every year when that first bitter cold comes, I ask myself why I choose to live where the air literally hurts my face. I’m not talking about the first 30-degree day either. I mean that true first bitter day where you can feel the cold cut through every bone in your body. Living in South […]

Reading is doomed

What you’re doing right now — the simple act of reading — is doomed. No, this isn’t something new. John Hallwas, at john hallwas.jimdo.com/read ing-decline, states “I return to the issue of reading from time to time, both because I’m an obsessive serious reader, and have been since I was a teenager, and because the […]

Let’s get this over with, already

Many times when I write my column I have people stop to talk to me about it, which I appreciate. Whether you loved it, hated it or didn’t feel strongly about it either way, I appreciate you taking the time to read the column. Oftentimes people don’t agree with my opinion. And that’s OK. This is a […]

We live in turbulent times

Maybe it’s the fact that I’m tuning in to too much news now that I don’t watch NFL football games, but it just seems to me that there is a whole lot of chaos and turbulence going on in the world today. I don’t remember a time when the news was mostly downright depressing and […]

War movie question got me thinking

This week’s Question of the Week, shown below, “What is your favorite war movie?” got me questioning what I would consider the greatest war movie ever. I am a huge fan of war movies. It’s probably my second favorite genre of film behind comedy. There aren’t many war movies I don’t care for. I’m not sure why […]

Behave or get the royal boot

I have been observing the antics of CNN’s showboating White House correspondent Jim Acosta for a while now and must say he is a poor example of our journalistic trade. Acosta recently got the boot from the White House grounds after repeatedly interrupting the president at his press conference and press secretary Sarah Sanders at […]

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