Hunting on the decline in America

I recently finished the book “Meat Eater: Adventures from the Life of an American Hunter” by Steven Rinella. Early on in the book Steven mentions that hunters make up about 5 percent of the population. That number seems low and that bothers me. Hunting is a valuable and visceral experience. It connects us with our […]

The world is not the same as in ‘my day’

My little 20-month-old grandson and I were swinging on the front porch recently when we heard someone in our road district target shooting. The unexpected sound sent him into my arms. “Up, up, muh, muh,” he said each time a shot was fired in the distance. When an airplane went over our house, that sound […]

Fake news? Who ya gonna trust?

Ever since Pizzagate, all I’ve heard about is “fake news.” When Charley and I were in Florida last winter, our newspaper colleagues and friends were concerned about how their newspapers could overcome the stigma. And I see that next week at our state newspaper convention, it will be discussed. The general concensus given by the  national […]

Safer: newspapers or the web?

My sister recently told me that her son had been seriously victimized on social media. A person who identified themself as a young woman claimed my nephew had raped her while she was in school, repeatedly accusing him of this for about a year on his Facebook account. When she sent messages via Facebook to […]

Not all opioid users are addicts

Reading the Custer County Chronicle over the past several months, you would think Custer is a small drug-addicted town with a tourist problem. It’s an old joke in Alaska where people say Ketchikan is a small drinking village with a fishing problem. Judge Matt Brown of the Seventh District Court sees the effects of drug […]

Thank you, Mr. Loomer

We know it’s important to say thank you. We drill it into our kids. It’s not just polite; it’s part of the grease that lubricates society’s moving parts. It’s even more important to say thanks to important people in our lives. It could be your neighbor who took on some of your errands when you […]

Has millenial become a dirty word?

The title of my column was something I spent a lot of time pondering solely because of the word millennial. I knew by having that one word, it might discredit my opinion to a lot of people. Has millennial become a dirty word? Should all individuals between the ages of 18 and 35 be ashamed […]

It’s time to end this embarassment

Some would call it turning a blind eye. Others would call it sticking their heads in the sand. Still others would say live and let live. Call it what you will, South Dakota government officials in Pierre seem to be washing their hands of what is turning out to be a huge embarrassment to them […]

Is print a dinosaur?

A lot has been said in our industry about the value of print. I see it so often that it has become a sort of mantra. Is this just the industry greasing its own wheels or is print the brilliant medium it bills itself to be? I was raised in an era that was largely […]

Don’t agree with Harley’s stance

Some stunning news that Custer Senior Center officials had known since November became public last week when it was announced that Harley-Davidson, after seven...

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