Legislature did the right thing

Make no mistake about it, nobody, including us, wants to pay any more taxes than we should. But the S.D. Legislature did the right...

Gold Discovery Days will be as good as ever

A few weeks ago we reported that the big annual Gold Discovery Days celebration in Custer was on life support and may not recover in time to be pulled off with the usual flair this year due to a lack of volunteer committee help. We’re more than glad to report that the patient has made […]

The times, they are a changing

It was with sadness I observed the passing of two Northern Hills newspapers last month. The weekly newspapers in both Belle Fourche and Sturgis, owned by Lee Enterprises — which also owns the Rapid City Journal — ceased operations after their last publication Nov. 8. The Journal promised readers of those papers that it would […]
Tornado hits Hermosa

Just say no to proposed land swap

The land swap is a governor-backed proposal for a land exchange in which the Forest Service would give the state of South Dakota 1,992 acres of our Black Hills National Forest land and receive 1,954 acres of semi-arid prairie and badlands in exchange. A total of 1,468 acres of that National Forest land is in […]

Our nation has a health crisis

The newly-crowned Miss USA, Kara McCullough, a chemist at the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission who lives in Washington, D.C., had to take back one of her interview answers when she received a flood of backlash about her initial response. When McCullough was asked if she viewed affordable health care as a right for all Americans, […]

The art of documenting wildfire

The best stories are formed from many voices into one narrative. Often the story pivots on the willingness of many people to say yes when it would be easier to say no. There is risk involved in saying yes.  There is loss involved in saying no. Thankfully for many of us in the wildland fire […]

Eighteen years of progress in county

This edition of the Custer County Chronicle marks the 18th consecutive year of our annual Progress Editions, and, if we must say so, it...

Harney was flawed process

The U.S. Board of Geographic Names (USBGN) made a unanimous decision Aug. 11 to change the name of nearby Harney Peak to Black Elk Peak. This decision by a federal  board went directly against an earlier 4-1 decision by the South Dakota Board of Geographic Names (SDBGN) to retain the name of Harney Peak. We […]

To sleep, perchance to dream

Insomnia is scary – lying awake at night, waiting for what you hope will inevitably come but never being able to do anything about it. It’s even the title of a Stephen King novel – that’s how scary it is. I’m not sure if any of us have escaped the clutches of acute insomnia, which […]

South Dakota’s 100th pheasant season

October in South Dakota is a glorious month. I love the crisp mornings, chilly evenings and weekend sounds of marching bands in homecoming parades....

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