Opioid guideline needs a rewrite

If you follow health care news, you know that millions of U.S. pain patients are experiencing a world of troubles. If their pain itself wasn’t enough, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) added to their agony in March 2016 by issuing a restrictive “Guideline” to primary care physicians on prescribing opioid medications […]

South Dakota’s seat at the table

“Action is not a choice, it is a necessity.” Those were President Trump’s words on Obamacare to Congress. As the President mentioned in that speech, one-third of America’s counties now have only one insurer. A number of insurance companies have left the market. Others have been forced to raise premiums or narrow their networks, leaving […]

As in art, so in life

I had the pleasure of interviewing and writing a story about an artist whose work I have admired since I first saw her work about two years ago. She has endured some major hardships in her life and she was concerned that the story not dwell on them. She said a lot of people have […]

Trump’s war on media should scare everyone

Donald Trump has been President of the United States for just over a month, but has wasted little time creating controversy, lashing out at those who oppose him, and, to his credit, doing many things he said he was going to do on the campaign trail. The one thing he has done, and continues to […]

Importance of public notices to our readers

Last week we published a story that may or may not have caught your eye. It had to do with House Bill 1167 regarding the publication of public notices in newspapers. This seems to be an annual ritual we go through with the state legislature with the same kind of results, thankfully. The public business […]

The life and times of this klutz

Had I not been named Carrie, my mom told me she would have named me Grace. That bit of information is ironic since I am anything but graceful. I prefer to call myself an “accident-prone individual,” but my friends and family call me what I truly am: a klutz. I’ve been afflicted with clumsiness for […]

State gun laws are appropriate

Gun control measures have been gaining ground in some places around the nation in recent years. In the more urban areas of the country and along the coasts, people are more wary and perhaps fearful of guns. That may be why some states pass very restrictive gun laws. For instance, in New Jersey a citizen […]

Your governments need you

Whether you’re reading this on a couch in Custer, a futon in Fairburn, a Barcalounger in Buffalo Gap, a hammock in Hermosa or a Papasan in Pringle, your local government is looking for you. I would add the Uncle Sam point for effect, but you wouldn’t see it. In this week’s issue of the Chronicle, […]

IMs obviously need more legal vetting

All the hullabaloo over the passage of Initiated Measure 22 by state voters last November and the subsequent repeal of the law by the Legislature this past week leaves voters wondering what happened. Gov. Dennis Daugaard signed House Bill 1069 last Thursday to repeal IM 22 on the idea that parts of it were unconstitutional. […]

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