Safer: newspapers or the web?

My sister recently told me that her son had been seriously victimized on social media. A person who identified themself as a young woman claimed my nephew had raped her while she was in school, repeatedly accusing him of this for about a year on his Facebook account. When she sent messages via Facebook to […]

We have cure for Cabin Fever

After weeks of a good old-fashioned Black Hills of South Dakota winter weather, we can’t magically warm the temperatures and stop the snow, but we can help make it all a little more bearable. In conjunction with the Custer Area Chamber of Commerce celebration of Restaurant Week starting Feb. 28 and ending March 4, the […]

Is the FBI failing America?

I think we are all getting tired of seeing and hearing about public shootings in our country, including one of the worst school shootings that happened in Florida last Wednesday. When each one occurs the cry goes out that “something has to be done. There has to be more gun control!” Well, I for one, […]

Dangers of SD House Bill 1204

Why is South Dakota not ready for this version of the Uniform Power of Attorney? I am a former proponent who feels this legislation is not the answer we need. Consider the following scenario. You know you are getting less able and you want to plan for future contingencies. You’ve planned for your future; chosen […]

Should we save people from themselves?

Okay, so if I say Tide Pods and that doesn’t mean anything to you, then you must have been living under a rock for the last month. For you rock people, I will tell you the significance of Tide Pods — teenagers are eating them for likes on the internet (I’m seriously not kidding) and […]

Improving our Medicaid program

South Dakotans believe in self-reliance. The pioneers who settled this state over a century ago, as well as the natives who preceded them, understood the need for self-reliance. In fact, they knew no other way. Those who came to Dakota sought freedom and a fresh start. They understood, though, that freedom requires responsibility, because they […]

Fast cars and freedom

I’ve had many love affairs, some brief, some lasting years. Some of those beautiful objects of my affection got mangled by my hands, twisted and broken forever. The rest I allowed to leave my jealous hands and become one with another. That may sound a bit lurid, but I grew up in a time where […]

Congrats to those who got the call to the hall

This Friday evening six more former Custer High School standout athletes, educators and contributors will be immortalized when they are inducted into the Custer High School Hall of Fame. The ceremony will take place between the Custer High School girls and boys basketball games against Hot Springs at the Armory. If you plan to attend […]

Is it always trashy in Philadelphia?

If you had asked me any time prior to the National Football League’s conference championship games which team I wanted to win the Super Bowl, I could have given you a really simple answer: Anybody but the Patriots. My extreme dislike for the Patriots (much to the dismay of Brad Block and Sue Sirois) is […]

If you’ve got a story, we have a location

By Frank Carroll America’s diversity comes through in interesting and unexpected ways. I grew up in the Southwest, born in Arizona and raised in New Mexico. I often think of my home country when I drive through Wind Cave or Edgemont or 20 Mile. The West is beautiful to me and deeply moving most of […]

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