Ukraine twins celebrate independence

On this Independence Day, a pair of identical twins from Kiev, Ukraine, are spreading their wings and becoming more independent by working in America. Maryana and Anita Boyerchuk came to Custer about a month ago, and both are working at Comfort Inn — Maryana in the laundry and Anita in housekeeping.  I met Maryana as […]

Of socks and Snocks

What stood before her wasn’t just any cat, but her wretched neighbor’s cat that would always get stuck in their trash cans. “You’re Clara?” Claire said appalled, “but your name is Anchovy! Not Clara!”  “Of course not. That is just what those disgusting lazy humans call me. You couldn’t possibly think that was my real […]

Of socks and Snocks

“Nox?” Claire inquired. “You know this snock?” Cank asked, sounding annoyed. “Claire!  I’m so sorry. I was wrong! You see, the new queen is treacherous and she, she, well, she ate Zaflet!”  Nox then buried his face in his hands, sobbing quietly. “Well, isn’t she a cat?” pondered Claire. “Yeah, just like she told us […]

Find it all at Custer Farmers Market

The cold and late spring in the Black Hills got things off to a slow start for Windsong Valley Gardens, but a recent Saturday...

‘Second home’

“I could go to other states, but I choose to come back here.” So says Omar Cameron, currently in his eighth season of coming to Custer as a seasonal employee. This year the Kingston, Jamaica, native is working for both Comfort Inn as a housekeeper and as a cook at Buglin’ Bull Restaurant. “I like […]

‘Spelling Bee’ is H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S

Take a group of nervous pre-teens and several quirky adults at a county spelling bee and throw in four unrehearsed random audience members, fast-paced jokes and two dozen lively songs and what do you have? You get a laugh-filled evening of fun and hilarity combined with several sweet and emotion-filled moments at Black Hills Playhouse […]

Refugee and ‘mom’ reunite after 38 years

It was an emotional reunion. Tears were shed, hugs were given, cards were exchanged and pictures were taken. On June 15, 1980, Doris Lilja baked...

Of socks and Snocks

“Nox help me! Nox, he locked me in here!”  Claire desperately tried to catch Nox’s attention, but he just kept his head down and didn’t even make eye contact with Claire.  “You did the right thing, Nox. Who knows what she could’ve done. Aplomb will surely celebrate this; you know how much he loves celebrating […]

‘Tokens of Affection’ simple and fun

The 2018 season of the Black Hills Playhouse, the 73rd season, is now underway with the opening of “Tokens of Affection” last Friday. The show runs through Father’s Day. As always, I will begin my season of reviews by pointing out that I’m not a play expert and my drama experience is limited to participating […]

Fuller riding to fight childhood cancer

Last year, Jennifer Fuller, a fairly new resident to Custer, watched as her husband, Bill, rode in the Great Cycle Challenge. This year, she is...

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