City recreation options explored

By Jacy Glazier


Several months ago, the Custer City Assessment group, known as the Recreation Initiative Team, sent out a survey to all Custer area businesses and organizations in order to compile a comprehensive list of the area’s available recreational options.

There were 72 responses to the survey, resulting in the identification of 25 service providers and 18 interested personal parties who would like to be involved in future dialogue about the growth of recreational options in the community, according to team member Colleen Hennessy.

The Recreation Services Providers report is hosted on the City of Custer’s website and found under the Parks, Recreation and Forest Board selection, custer.govoffice/parks. The report reflects the providers and the services they offer which are broken down into categories such as biking, walking or horseback riding. Provider contact information is included in the report, as well.

The Recreation Initiative Team was formed after the community assessment in December 2016.

“The citizens of Custer who gathered for the assessment felt that recreation was a top priority for our community. The Recreation Initiative Team is comprised of various citizens who are not only interested in recreation, but are willing to devote time to enhancing recreation opportunities in the community,” said team member Dolsee Davenport.

The mission statement of the group is to “Engage the Community by Creating Recreation Opportunities.”

The group meets about once a month, but Davenport said members also work on tasks on their own time.

“We decided that to ‘engage the community in recreation opportunities,’ we needed to know what recreation opportunities are available. This fall we sent out a survey with the purpose of identifying who was doing what recreation services and to determine if any services were not already provided,” she said. “We discovered the only service not being provided in any way was rugby — so we feel the community is being adequately provided for.”

Davenport said one of the group’s next projects  will be to address ways of communicating recreation possibilities to the public. The group is putting together information for individuals or groups looking to bring new services or enhance something Custer already has.

“The Parks and Recreation Board receives several requests a year from citizens who want the city to assist with a recreation opportunity ­and we feel it would be beneficial to help people be properly prepared before they approach the board.”

It is hoped that the final report reflecting Custer’s rich recreational resources benefits both community members and visitors. Anyone interested in joining the team can contact Davenport at

The next Recreation Initiative Team meeting will be at the Custer Community Center Tuesday, Feb. 20, at 3 p.m.