Institute invites public to celebrate

Leslie Silverman
Black Hills Institute of Geological Research (BHIGR) is celebrating its 50th anniversary in a huge way with free events all week March 11-16.
BHIGR was founded in 1974 by Peter Larson and James A. Honert. After Jim’s departure, Robert Farrar became a co-owner and partner in BHIGR. 
BHIGR has a collection of geological and paleontological specimens and is located in downtown Hill City.
All events  for the weeklong celebration are free and open to the public and most begin at 3:30 p.m.
Aside from the guest speakers and activities, visitors to the museum will get a free guided tour to learn more about the museum’s ever-changing collection.
“Typically we don’t have guided tours and our museum is an at-your-own-pace experience,” said Adam Weaver of BHIGR. “On the hour, each hour, one of our staff members will be taking people around the museum and explaining in detail what we have on display. Many of the items on display are one of a kind, incredibly rare, or even have a fun story about how the museum acquired them. So having this interpretive interaction with a knowledgeable staff member from the institute truly is going to be the highlight of the week.” 
Weaver is excited to see people’s eyes light up as they learn something new and fascinating on each of these hourly tours.
Notable speakers  during the week include  BHIGR president and world- renowned fossil expert Pete Larson talking about the  T. rex and all of the interesting discoveries he and the institute have been part of. 
“Part speech, part museum tour, Pete is certainly going to be entertaining,” Weaver said. 
Weaver also recommends people come March 16 at 11 a.m as Bill Stein talks about “Bone Beds of the Hell Creek,” saying “it is a great way to learn about some of the amazing finds around the Black Hills.”
That afternoon is a two- for-one with Dr. Robert T. Bakker speaking as well. 
“Dr. Bakker is one of the most interesting and colorful paleontologists in the world, and it is a rare treat to have him here in Hill City,” Weaver said. 
For those looking for more interactive events BHIGR is hosting a paleoart workshop and  scavenger hunt March 12 and trivia night  March 15. 
The week-long celebration ends with a showing of Dinosaur 13 at the Elks Theatre in Rapid City. 
“We chose that venue because it was shown there originally, and of course because it has the grandest screen in the Black Hills,” Weaver said. 
Dinosaur 13 is an Emmy-winning documentary that chronicles BHIGR’s role in the discovery of the largest and most complete T. rex fossil ever discovered. 
Weaver said the screening will include the Emmy-winning director and a number of the filmmakers. 
“There is also going to be a book signing for Rex Appeal 2 as well that day,” Weaver said, “so it should be a fun and interesting event.”
The year is the 10-year anniversary of the release of the film. Screening tickets can be purchased at  elk
Weaver encourages everyone in the area to check out BHIGR and see what it has to offer.
“Come in, see it again, and with an expert showing you around, you will learn something new about these interesting specimens.”
Visit for more details on the anniversary celebration.

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