Custer County 4-H recognizes accomplishments


Each fall at the conclusion of the 4-H year the clubs gather for the annual Custer County 4-H recognition event to honor accomplishments of 4-H members, volunteers and community supporters. This year, the Kid’s Inc. 4-H Club in Hermosa hosted our banquet at the fairgrounds in Hermosa. Awards and honors went to the following:


(K-8 years old)

Colton Dorrance, Brody Aker, Adelynn Preston, Tayah Smith, Dane Solinsky, Jared Cooper and Levi Hartshorn

First Year Members  (Another record year

17 last year and

18 this year)

Addie Sander, Ava Smith, Colton Coppla, Kylee Ellerton, Treyson Lyndoe, Grace Timmerman, Hayden Timmerman, Madison Scott, Nicole Hauseman, Jayden Hauseman, Cameron Conaway, Clayton Maude, Keira Thorp, Reed White, Elspeth Rittberger, Gillian Rittberger, Garret Medley, Payton Jackson

Year Pins

2nd Year: Trent Stansbury, Jacie Behlings, Izaak Stansbury, Daphne White, Justin Vomacka, Madalynn Beck, Shay Solinsky, Wyatt Vomacka, Rose Miles Thompson, Tristen Hanson, Devyn Conaway, Tyler Cooper, David White, Rylee Lintz,   Maddie Lehrkamp, Colton Skillingstad, Andrew Skillingstad

3rd Year: Leighton Sander, Avari Dorrance, Caleb Preston, Lauren Smith, Hallie Snyder, Savanna Slaba, Paige Lowe,  Alyssa Hanson

4th Year: Weston Woodward, Danny Fries, Hunter Alexander, Gage Dietterle, Grady Lehrkamp

5th Year: Madison Preston, Drew Solinsky, Marika Preble, Trent Edwards, Trevor Hartshorn, Jayden Carrier, Cody Groven, Austin Groven, Kyle Groven, Hunter Alexander

6th Year: Shaylee Gramkow, Jessica Woodward, Natalie McCoy, Wyatt Edwards

7th Year: Tali Jones, Paige Lehrkamp, Allison Clemetson

8th Year: Rachel McCoy, Lexie McCoy

9th Year: Whitley Heitsch, Jesse Mills, Jayton McKay, Trixie Jo Schlechter, Dawson Clemetson

10th Year: Seth Shorb

11th Year: Raina Perli, Baxter Boldon, Taren Jones, Jace Woodward

Project Medals

Aerospace & Rocketry: Alyssa Hanson

Beef: Leighton Sander, Caleb Preston

Cat: Paige Lowe

Clothing: Avari Dorrance, Lauren Smith

Community Service: Leighton Sander, Caleb Preston, Lauren Smith, Cody Groven, Austin Groven, Kyle Groven

Dairy Goats: Avari Dorrance, Gage Dietterle

First Aid: Cody Groven, Austin Groven, Kyle Groven

Foods & Nutrition: Avari Dorrance, Hallie Snyder, Caleb Preston, Alyssa Hanson, Markia Preble

Food Preservation: Shaylee Gramkow

Geology & Minerals: Marika Preble

Home Environment: Alyssa Hanson, Gage Dietterle

Horse: Leighton Sander, Paige Lowe

Photography: Caleb Preston, Lauren Smith, Hallie Snyder

Plant Science: Gage Dietterle

Robotics: Gage Dietterle

Rodeo: Paige Lowe, Savanna Slava

Shooting Sports: Paige Lowe, Gage Dietterle, Marika Preble, Cody Groven, Austin Grove, Kyle Groven

Wildlife: Paige Lowe

Visual Arts: Lauren Smith, Alyssa Hanson

County Medals

Bronze: Jacie Behlings, Daphne White. Justin Vomacka. Madalynn Beck, Shay Solinsky, Wyatt Vomacka, Savanna Slaba, Rose Miles Thompson, Tristen Hanson, Tyler Cooper, David White, Maddie Lehrkamp, Colton Skillingstad, Andrew Skillingstad.

Silver: Leighton Sander, Avari Dorrance, Caleb Preston, Lauren Smith, Hallie Snyder, Paige Lowe, Alyssa Hanson, Grady Lehrkamp.

Gold: Weston Woodward, Gage Dietterle, Trevor Hartshorn, Jayden Carrier, Cody Groven, Austin Groven, Kyle Groven

Personal Development: Madison Preston, Tali Jones

Leadership: Drew Solinsky

Key Award: Jace Woodward

Youth in Action

Special Foods: Sponsored By: Jenny’s Floral

Beginner- Shay Solinsky

Junior- Jessica Woodward & Drew Solinsky

Fashion Review (Purchased): Sponsored By: Shopko

Beginner – Shay Solinsky

Junior- Drew Solinsky

Senior – Whitley Heistch

Fashion Review (Constructed): Sponsored by Shopko

Beginner – Avari Dorrance

Junior – Jessica Woodward

Public Presentation: Sponsored By: Beesley Law Office

Beginner – Avari Dorrance

Junior – Jessica Woodward

Senior – Whitley Heitsch

State Recognition

State 4-H Horse Show: Jayden Carrier

State 4-H Rodeo: Jessica Woodward, Rachael McCoy, Lexi McCoy, Trevor Hartshorn, Hunter Alexander

State Shooting Sports Participants: Jesse Mills, Jacie Behlings, Avari Dorrance, Kylee Ellerton, Weston Woodward, Jessica Woodward, Brodey Leisinger, Izaak Stansbury, Cody Groven, Wyatt Edwards, Trent Edwards, Seth Shorb, Jayden Carrier Allison Clemetson, Dawson Clemetson

State Archery Shooting Sports:

2nd Place Jr CWOS Team-Jessica Woodward, Brodey Leisinger, Izaak Stansbury & Cody Groven

2nd Place Jr CWOS- Jessica Woodward

3rd Place Jr CWOS- Brodey Leisinger

1st Place Jr CWS- Weston Woodward

1st Place Jr Compound 3-D Shoot- Weston Woodward

State fair exhibitors:  Please stand for recognition

State Youth-In Action: Avari Dorrance-Special Foods and Public Speaking, Jessica Woodward-Public Speaking, Special Foods and Fashion Review

Teen Leadership Conference: Citizen Washington Focus Trip: Hallie Snyder and Rachael McCoy

Rangeland Days: Gage Dietterle, Weston Woodward, Treyson Lyndoe

State Dog Show: Tali Jones

Western Junior Livestock Participants: Leighton Sander, Addie Sander, Clayton Maude, Avari Dorrance,                  Weston Woodward, Jessica Woodward, Jayden Carrier, Taren Jones, Tali Jones, Grady Lehrkamp,  Maddie Lehrkamp, Paige Lehrkamp

Maddie Lehrkamp-Reserve Champion Gelbvieh Bull

Paige Lehrkamp-Champion Gelbvieh Female

Jayden Carrier-Reserve Champion Gelbvieh Female

Leighton Sander-Reserve Champion Hereford Bull

Grady Lehrkamp-Reserve Champion Hereford Female

Jessica Woodward-5th Place Junior Dairy Goat Showman

Grady Lehrkamp-Champion Meat Type Ram

Leighton Sander-4th Place Beginner Plants ID

4th Place County Group of Three Breeding Beef

4th Place County Group of Three Dairy Goats

Western Junior Family Consumer Science Show Participants: Avari Dorrance, Jessica Woodward, Leighton Sander, Addie Sander, Jayden Carrier, Drew Solinsky, Shay Solinsky, Dane Solinsky, Tayah Smith

Black Hills Stock Show

County Showmanship


Beginner-Maddie Lehrkamp         Junior-Jayden Carrier         Senior-Paige Lehrkamp


Junior-Paige Lowe


Beginner – Clayton Maude             Junior-Jayden Carrier

Dairy Goat

Beginner-Avari Dorrance       Junior- Jayden Carrier        Senior- Whitley Heistch

Meat Goat

Beginner- Clayton Maude            Junior – Gage Dietterle             Senior – Taren Jones


Junior-Daphne White             Senior – Taren Jones


Beginner – Maddie Lehrkamp          Junior- Grady Lehrkamp           Senior – Paige Lehrkamp

Round Robin Showmanship- Whitley Heistch

Best of Show Ribbons

Child Development: Lauren Smith

Clothing and Textiles: Jessica Woodward

Citizenship: Jace Woodward

Community Service: Whitley Heitsch

First Aid and Health: Shay Solinsky

Foods & Nutrition: Avari Dorrance

Geology and Minerals: Jace Woodward

Music and Dance: Marika Preble

Leadership and Skills Development: Taren Jones

Visual Arts Metal: Avari Dorrance

Visual Arts Textiles: Nicole Hausman

Visual Arts Wood: Shay Solinsky

Swine: Jayden Carrier

Poultry: Marika Preble

Rabbit: Tali Jones

Leader Recogntion

5 Years – Melissa Clemetson

15 Years – Tracy Heistch, Julie Maude

25 Years – Marion Maude, Jackie Maude

Donor Awards

777 Buckle: Sponsored By: 777 Ranch – Gage Dietterle

Geology & Minerals – Sponsored By:  Dave’s Rock Shop -Jace Woodward

Photography – Sponsored By: Custer Co. Leaders Association – Raina Perli

Horse Show High Point Awards – Sponsored By: French Creek Supply

Beginner: Leighton Sander Reserve: Addie Sander

Junior: Jessica Woodward Reserve: Paige Lowe

Senior: Torrie Murray

Elmore Memorial Sportsmanship Award

Sponsored By: Rosie Elmore Memorial and Elmore Family – Keira Thorp

Graduating Members

Taren Jones, Raina Perli, Baxter Bolden, Jace Woodward

Scholarships-  Bondurant/Trew Memorial, Helen Walsh Memorial                  & Custer County Leaders Assocation – Rachael McCoy and Raina Perli

Friend of 4-H Award

Jan Young (Brad Keizer’s mother who is always there when asked to help).


Service Award

LeAnn Maude (Kid’s Inc 4-H Club co-leader, Horse Show Coordinator, and volunteer extraordinaire)