It never ceases to amaze us!


Each year, for the past 19 consecutive years, our staff has managed to put together our Progress Edition. We have tried to come up with different names for it through the years, like Community Update, but everyone still refers to it as our Progress Edition. It is the most anticipated newspaper of the year.

No matter what we tried to name it, our news and advertising staff still referred to it as “The Progress Edition,” and so did our advertisers. So we gave up trying to name it something else. The one you are holding in your hands is the biggest one ever at a respectable 40 Progress pages in five sections, thanks to some great area business support and progressive entrepreneurs.

This year, like others in the past, we found ourselves amazed at all the business and community improvement activity going on in Custer and Custer County. We never have a problem sitting around, or we should say, standing around, our stuffing/mailing table in the back room and brainstorming story ideas in January and February. The many possibilities just keep flowing until we end up with another great informative issue like today’s.

Some stories, like Crazy Horse, Custer State Park and a tourism update can be shared with our sister newspaper in Hill City, but for the most part, both paper staffs produce their own stories. Besides sharing stories, we also share some of the advertising in both newspapers as business owners want to get more bang for their bucks. It just makes sense because our two communities are in such close proximity.

Community newspapers like ours exist solely because of great support by businesses and readers who value what we offer in news that is local, local, local. They would certainly miss us if we were not here and those who don’t support us or read our papers every week would probably even miss us and lament the fact that the community had no newspaper. The phrase, “You don’t know what you’ve got until you lose it!” comes to mind.

This is the case of Sturgis and Belle Fourche, towns much larger than ours, that lost their weekly newspapers in November 2017. At the time they were owned by the Rapid City Journal which decided to shut them down and instead publish a daily Northern Hills page. We don’t believe that comes close to an independently-owned and operated community newspaper in a small town.

We give our newspaper staff all the credit in the world for this week’s Progress Edition and quality weekly newspapers and magazines published here throughout the year. They are a dedicated, professional, hard-working bunch and we and the community are fortunate to have them. 

So we invite you to kick back and enjoy one of your favorite hot or cold beverages and begin to digest all the valuable information contained in our annual Progress Edition! We guarantee you will be a much better informed citizen. And, thanks for your continued support!