Shutdown is not about the money


It has become painfully clear that the government shutdown for the past two weeks or so is not about the money, but the Democrats’ hatred of President Trump instead. They just don’t want to help him fulfill one of his campaign promises by building a wall that would help stop the flow of  illegal drugs and aliens into this country.

The new Democrat majority in the U.S. House actually has an opportunity to do something to help protect the American people from law-breaking immigrants who are making a mockery of our immigration system and putting a severe financial burden on the resources of this country at the same time. How many people can we add to the welfare system before it goes broke? 

The $5 billion the president is asking for would help to secure our porous southern border which needs to be done for our protection and our sovereignty. The money is a drop in the bucket to the estimated $4.4 trillion the federal government is expected to spend in 2019. That amount of money is approximately one-tenth of 1 percent of that $4 trillion. 

Elite politicians and Hollywood entertainers live in security within the high walls of their compounds and estates. People like Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer all live in the security of their homes protected by walls. Apparently they believe that what is good for them is not good for the rest of us. Perhaps they believe they are more important than we are.

We need to build a secure barrier at our southern border to help keep out illegal drugs, as well. The vast majority of illegal drugs flowing into this country come across our southern porous border. It just makes common sense to do this and we hope the U.S. House will put politics aside in this important matter and authorize this relatively small expenditure for a much-needed structure.

It’s been said many times before—a country without borders is not a country at all. We need to get that wall built to help our overworked border patrol agents do their jobs as well and take the pressure off our overloaded court system also. Our immigration system is a mess and will take years to get fixed, but a wall would stem the flow of illegals as soon as it is built and help protect us all.

Apparently, this is not what some people want.