The importance of different agencies

Tanah Oestmann


My name is Tanah Oestmann, and I am a senior at Custer High School. For my senior project, I wanted to learn more about the different agencies in law enforcement by doing ride-alongs and doing research. I want to share the importance of law enforcement officers with the community.

There are different agencies in law enforcement, and each of them has different goals and duties. The Highway Patrol’s main goal is to patrol highways and interstates. The Highway Patrol troopers are mostly responding to accidents, helping people alongside the roads and enforcing traffic laws. Troopers also respond to calls other agencies have if they need help with an accident or serious traffic stop. The Highway Patrol trooper’s duties are safety education, assisting other agencies and helping the public. Troopers also enforce traffic laws, sobriety checkpoints and DUIs, public speaking and occasionally courtroom testimonies.

Another agency in law enforcement is the police department. The purpose of the police department is to provide law enforcement patrol and investigation services. There are divisions of each police department such as field services, criminal investigations and support services. Just like other agencies, the police departments have certain jurisdictions to which they are assigned and where they can patrol. The police department’s jurisdiction begins and ends at the boundary lines of cites.

Lastly, the sheriff’s department is another agency of law enforcement. The sheriff’s office has different departments including a civil department and a jail. The sheriff’s department is divided into four divisions: addiction services, juvenile services, law enforcement or patrol and the county jail. The sheriff’s department deputies have a wider jurisdiction range and they patrol the whole county, unlike the police department which is restricted to city boundary lines. Each deputy is assigned a certain area to patrol in the county during their shift. I believe that law enforcement officers deserve respect from everyone for putting their own lives on the line every day to protect others.