Welcome to augmented reality


What you are holding in your hands today is an historic newspaper, the first of its kind in our 138-year-old history. It is, without a doubt, a keepsake edition and your introduction to augmented reality, or AR, off a printed page. 

We thought we would never see the day when audio and video would magically emerge from a printed page via  a smart phone, but this is what you are seeing on some of today’s newspaper pages. It’s amazing and we don’t really grasp the innovative technology that makes it all possible, but here it is! Audio and video jumping off the pages of your Custer County Chronicle newspaper. 

And we are the very first weekly or daily newspaper in the state to embrace this new technology. To be sure, there will be many more publications in South Dakota that will follow suit. We know of several that are working on getting their apps approved and on line.

Once you have our free app, My Black Hills Country (My BHC), downloaded, you are all set to watch and hear some amazing images emerge from our pages merely by scanning a designated element with your smart phone and pressing a button. Sit back and enjoy a little extra bonus from a particular photo, news article or advertisement. See your newspaper come alive! 

The possibilities of applying AR are endless, and will benefit readers and advertisers alike. We plan to utilize this new technology in photos, news articles and commercial messages in all the magazines and other publications we produce and offer animated product labels, talking brochures and business cards, etc., to our customers.

All you need to enter this portal is a smart phone, which most people possess. We expect younger readers and older “techies” will be the first to take advantage of AR. 

Please don’t hesitate to download our free app and begin your audio and visual journey through the pages of our publications. If you need some assistance, we are here to help you get started.

Who was it who said newspapers are dead? They need to take a gander at the pages of this week’s Chronicle!