Western 4-H FCS show results given


The 55th annual Western 4-H Family and Consumer Science Show was recently held in Rapid City. While this is called a show, it consists of various contests for youth and adults to participate in to develop life skills. Participants can come from any state and do not need to be in 4-H to enjoy the activities.

This year entries came from South Dakota, Wyoming, Nebraska and North Dakota. Youngsters can participate as Cloverbuds before they reach eligible age to belong to 4-H and receive participation ribbons. Adults are encouraged to participate in many contests and enjoy the competition. To receive the Premier Exhibitor Awards, youth must pre-register by the yearly deadline. A trip winner receives an expense-paid trip to Denver to participate in educational activities with other area youth.

The two-day event consists of the following contests: bread baking, meat identification, family life photo, scrapbook pages, home living, place setting, fashion revue both sewn and purchased, public presentations, ingredient measuring, family and consumer sciences judging, produce identification and judging and a family and consumer science skill-a-thon.

The participants and awards from Custer County are as follows:

Brody Aker, Cloverbud: Produce ID/Judging

Jayden Carrier, Junior: Home Living, purple; Meat ID, white; Family Photo, blue; Produce ID/ Judging, red; Scrapbook Page, purple; FCS Skill-A-Thon, blue.

Avari Dorrance, Beginner: third place Beginner in Meat ID, blue; Top Beginner in Home Living, purple; Fashion Revue, purple; FCS Judging, blue, Measuring, purple; Family Photo, blue; Place Setting, purple; FCS Skill-A-Thon, blue.

Leightan Osanger, Beginner: fourth place Beginner in Meat ID.

Jessica Woodward, Junior: third place Junior in Meat ID, blue; Top Junior in Place Setting, purple; Top Junior in Home Living, purple; Family Life Photo, blue; Produce ID/Judging, blue, FCS Skill-A-Thon, blue.

Addie Sander, Beginner: Meat ID, red; Produce ID/ Judging, white.

Leighton Sander, Beginner: Meat ID, red, Produce ID/ Judging, blue.

Savie Slaba, Beginner: Top Beginner in Meat Identification, purple; Measuring, blue; Produce ID/Judging, blue.

Dane Solinsky, Cloverbud: Produce ID/ Judging.

Drew Solinsky, Junior: FCS Judging, purple; Family Photo, blue; Produce ID/ Judging, blue; FCS Skill-A-Thon, blue.

Shay Solinsky, Beginner: Fashion Revue, blue; Measuring, purple; Family Life Photo, red, Produce ID/ Judging, blue.

Tayah Smith, Cloverbud: Produce ID/ Judging Cindy Kertsman, Adult: Produce ID/ Judging, white.

Cindy Kertsman, Adult: Produce ID/ Judging, white.

Clayton Sander, Adult:  second place Adult in Meat ID, blue.

Eris Tanner, Adult: FCS Judging, purple; Produce ID/Judging, blue; FCS Skill-A-Thon, purple.

Alan Bishop, Adult: Produce ID/Judging, blue; Skill-A-Thon, purple.

The 2018 Family and Consumer Sciences Show will be Oct. 12-13 at the Walter Taylor Building at the Central States Fairgrounds in Rapid City.

More information can be obtained by emailing w4hfc

show@gmail.com or on Facebook under the show name. A complete show catalog is also available there.  The catalog will not be changed until 2020.  A yearly membership can purchased for $10 which helps defray expenses of the event.