All Decade Team - Girls Basketball

Jason Ferguson
Like the boys team, this team is guard heavy. The team is dominated by early- and late-decade players when the Wildcats were at their best. There were a few lean years in the middle of the decade when the teams were young, inexperienced, not very good or all three. I rattled off four starters rather quickly and struggled with who to choose for the fifth starter. It got even more difficult when I got to the end of the bench, and selecting the final player was a real chore that took a lot of thinking and opinion-gathering. In the end I went a little outside the box. There were a lot of decent players who were clones of each other: 5-5 to 5-7 guards who were honorable mention all-conference. The decade was littered with those players. When the smoke cleared, I think I wound up with a pretty solid team that could do some damage.
Starting Five
Guard - Julianne Thomsen - 2017 - Julianne started as something of a sidekick to another player listed just below, but ended up improving greatly and turning herself into a pretty solid basketball player by the time she graduated. She was an all-conference selection her junior year and all-conference honorable mention her senior year.
Guard - Karley Konkol - 2012 - Picking four starters for this team was easy, and a fifth was difficult. I settled on Konkol, who was a solid guard in her time as a Wildcat. Konkol was named honorable mention all-conference her junior year before being named to the first team her senior year.
Guard/Forward - Tori Glazier - 2018 - The ultimate no-brainer, Glazier left Custer High School as a five-year varsity player, a four-year varsity starter, the all-time scoring leader in school history and was named all-conference a whopping five times, starting with an honorable mention nod as an eighth grader before being named first-team all four years of high school. She was named third-team Class A All-State her senior year. She had an innate ability to get to the free throw line and was a whirlwind on defense. I got tired just watching her run around. Somehow she never seemed to get tired.
Forward - Shawna Gibson - 2010 - Gibson did most of her damage in the decade previous to this one, but her senior year was 2009-10, so she earns a spot in the front court on this team. Gibson could both score and rebound and was named all-conference once in the decade, her senior year.
Forward - Morgan Parys - 2017 - One of those players who just put her head down and went to work, Parys played varsity from the time she was a freshman. She is another player who could do a little bit of everything, and was just a solid basketball player. She was named honorable mention all-conference twice, both her sophomore and senior years.
Off the Bench
Sydney Mohr - 2011 - A strong player and a good shooter at the beginning of the decade, Mohr was named to the 2010 All-Tournament team at the Lakota Nation Invitational and was honorable mention all-conference her senior year.
Taylor Kuhn - 2011 - Another of the team’s floor generals early in the decade, Kuhn was named first-team all-conference in 2011.
Jasmine Cisneros - 2015 - Cisneros was a scrappy guard who ran the team from the point in her time as a Wildcat and was twice named honorable mention all-conference, in both her junior and senior years.
Kenzie Swanson - 2012 - Swanson adds some size to our team, as I believe she was around six feet tall and a good post presence for the Wildcats who was named honorable mention all-conference her senior year.
Tayler Carlson - 2018 - Carlson was a streaky shooter who played on those teams late in the decade with Thomsen and Glazier and was counted on to add a scoring punch to the team. She was named honorable mention all-conference her senior year.
Josey Wahlstrom - 2022 - Wahlstrom is only heading into her junior year as a Wildcat but has already twice been named all-conference as the floor general for the Wildcats. She is Glazier-like in her ability to get to the rim, and if she improves her outside shooting, the sky is the limit for her. Barring injury, she will graduate as a four-time all-conference selection.
McKenzie Becker - 2018 - As I explained in the opening of this, I needed a 12th player, and even though she played only one year for Custer, she is the best of the bunch of the handful of players I was considering for this spot. The Hill City transfer was already an accomplished all-conference player for the Rangers before coming to Custer and earning all-conference honorable mention her senior year. She’s on the 1,000-point scorer board in the Armory, so she’s on my team.

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