Changes made to subscriptions

Changes have been implemented to the subscription model at the Custer County Chronicle and Hill City Prevailer News, and local nonprofits will now be beneficiaries of a portion of each subscription.
Effective the beginning of this year, the cost of a yearly subscription to both the Custer County Chronicle and Hill City Prevailer News will be a flat fee of $50, regardless of the type of subscription or where the subscriber lives.
Subscribers now also have the choice of an a la carte subscription. They can choose to have the printed paper delivered to their mailbox, a subscription to the Chronicle or Prevailer online through, an emailed PDF version to their inbox each Thursday morning or any combination of the three.
In addition, 20 percent of each renewed or new subscription will be given to the subscriber’s local nonprofit of choice. The donations will be given quarterly to all of the nonprofits that received donation designations.
“Nonprofit organizations play a vital role in the enhancement of the community in Custer and we look forward to continuing to support their missions,” said Chronicle and Prevailer owner Jerry Lenander.
If you would like your nonprofit to be included in the list of nonprofits subscribers can choose from, call the Chronicle office at 605-673-2217. Verification of nonprofit status will be required.

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