Convention of States rally held

Mt. Rushmore National Monument was buzzing with energy and patriotism as a group of Convention of States (COS) supporters gathered for a freedom rally and parade Saturday, Sept. 25. 
 Nearly 50 citizens from across western South Dakota spent the afternoon together to share a meal and give updates on local progress for their grassroots efforts in promoting Convention of States Action. 
“It’s really great to see these people here today,” said Brook Formanek of Phillip. “Online, you can feel so depressed seeing the news and it is empowering to be with like-minded people and be able to talk about the state of our government. Every time I come to a COS event I see more and more people.”
District 27, which includes the Phillip area, has had an increase in support for the COS movement by 199 percent since December. Formanek and other community members have been responsible for hosting town halls and sharing with neighbors about the power of Article V of the U.S. Constitution.
Another area with a jump in support is the Northern Hills. The active group of COS volunteers in District 31 has seen a 135 percent increase in COS supporters. District 28, covering the northwestern part of the state, also has had a spike with 149 percent increase.
District 30 continues to lead the way for new patriots joining COS with the largest petition signature count for South Dakota. These citizens are clearly becoming a formidable group of involved voters. 
“COS is relevant and growing because it is one of the only tools left to get the brakes on our government,” said Brian Barber of Hermosa. “It is the most efficient and constitutional way, along with responsible voting, to save our country.”
The group traveled from Watson Park to Mt. Rushmore in a parade with COS and American flags. People were honking and cheering as the convoy rolled through downtown Keystone.
“It was inspiring to come together with others who  share the same sentiment in restoring this nation to what it was intended to be, with a limited government,” said Valerie Samuelson of Spearfish. “It’s great to gather at the monument with such wonderful fellow Americans who value our Godly heritage and respect our Constitution and love this country, wanting to see the U.S.A. governed by ‘we the people.’”
Several volunteers had the chance to stop and answer questions from other visitors to the monument as the group entered the area. 
“It’s a duty we have as Americans to preserve the freedoms we have for the next generation,” said Jen Jones of Midland. “We are not anti-government; we just want to see the changes to be more like the original founding values and someone needs to step up. That someone is all of us.”
The event ended with a group photo in front of the Mt. Rushmore entrance and some spontaneous cheers and chanting from the crowd. 
“This grassroots army is swelling in momentum with more patriots sharing the COS solution with their neighbors,” said Harvey Fitzgerald, district captain for District 30 and 29. “They are encouraged to learn why our founding fathers gave us the Article V power to strengthen our Constitution in keeping with its original intent. We are blessed knowing we hold the answer to correcting our nation’s decline in our grasp if we but have the fortitude to band together.”
The COS project is a national effort to call a convention under Article V of the U.S. Constitution, restricted to proposing amendments that will impose fiscal restraints on the federal government, limit its power and jurisdiction and impose term limits on its officials and members of Congress.
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