Custer School District welcomes new teachers

Charity Wessel

Students in Custer and Hermosa are returning to school Wednesday, Aug. 24, and joining them are nine certified teachers instructing for the first time with Custer School District.
Most of this new teaching staff isn’t new to Custer, nor the Black Hills. New special education (SPED) teacher Shayna Kintigh graduated from Custer High School and will be starting her teaching career as Hermosa’s K-3 SPED teacher this year.
Similarly, Custer Elementary’s newly-hired third grade teacher, Deidra Gunnell, has lived near Hermosa for several years and said her “family history runs deep in the Black Hills and specifically in Custer.”  
Also new to Custer Elementary School, Kimberly May, will be teaching technology.
Fostering students on a similarly crucial path, Kelsey Wegner will be teaching fifth and sixth grade math.
Other new Custer School District teachers are tackling the creative arts: Hannah Rehmeier will be teaching choir to Grades 7-12, and Bre McMahon will be teaching several art classes for grades in both Hermosa and Custer.
Some of these teachers are new to Custer School District but not new to the teaching profession. With a broad 21 years of teaching experience, Becci Kintigh will teach kindergarten.
Also teaching kindergarten at Custer Elementary will be Black Hills State University graduate Marissa Dooley. Augustana University graduate Tayton Vincent will teach high school math in Custer.
Speaking highly of all these teachers who’re signaling a new chapter in their lives, Supt. Mark Naugle noted Custer School District’s fortune with this pool of teaching candidates.
“We have some good folks that we’re happy to have,” he said.
With a nationwide shortage of teaching staff, Naugle expressed gratitude  these new teachers chose Custer School District.
“There are a lot of schools that have a lot of openings right now,” he said.
These nine new teachers noted appreciation for Custer City’s welcome with first-year teacher Vincent adding that he is “ready to learn and grow together with the students, staff and community.”


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