Friends make money out of lemons

Leslie Silverman
Two entrepreneurial children took advantage of the increased rally traffic to set up shop in Keystone this week. For the second year in a row 11-year-old Trey Sutherland and 12-year-old Taya Skogen sold lemonade and water to passersby in old Keystone.
 Last year the friends set up shop on Playhouse Road.
“We were trying to do lemonade at the end of our driveway,” said Sutherland. “And that didn’t work.” 
Rather than closing up shop for good, the pair relocated to just outside of the senior center in what has now become a rally tradition. 
Both bikers and cars stopped for the stand which offered bottled lemonade and water by donation. The majority of patrons have been locals, although the two received many waves and honks from the plethora of bikers. The strawberry lemonade is the hottest selling item. By midday the two had received over $135 which they intend to split evenly.
“I’m going to save it and donate some to the church,” said Taya.
Sutherland too was planning on saving his half for anything he might need to spend it on in the future.
Sales last year seemed to be more robust. The two remember a long line of bikers who insisted on taking pictures with the two.
Skogen’s aunt, Lynda Skogen, was there to supervise the sales and donated the ice and water. She also helped the children purchase the drinks.
“I think it’s a great experience,” said Lynda. “Both kids are savers and that’s hard to find in kids these days.”

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