Gennaro to run for District 30 House

Lisa Gennaro of Keystone has announced her candidacy for the House of Representatives in District 30.
Gennaro describes herself as a legislative lobbyist for family values, education and more.
“As I am at the capital talking with legislators, senators and other lobbyists, I am reminded that people are here because the state of South Dakota means something to them,” she said. “We may not always agree on policy, but we all agree that our families and state mean something to us.”
Gennaro been married for 30 years, and she and her husband have two daughters and two grandchildren. She is the owner of a home health agency and has owned three businesses total.  Her husband is a veteran who has served the country for several years.
“The veterans are close to my heart,” she said. “I came from humble beginnings but have strived and worked hard to pursue my goals and dreams.”
The Gennaros have been foster parents for teenage girls, taken in foreign exchange students and when their girls lived at home they were youth leaders at church.
Gennaro sits on the West River Sex Trafficking Task Force for Public Awareness. She is a legislative lobbyist for Concerned Women for America, the largest woman’s organization whose core issues are, defense of family, education, religious liberty, national sovereignty and more.
“Living in South Dakota is wonderful, and being a fly over state is just fine with me,” she said. “I see what is happening to our nation and our freedoms, I know you do also. Freedom isn’t free. We must fight for that.”
Gennaro said as a representative she will strive for integrity, moral values and remember what it took for the county to be free.  
“Having people on city council, school boards, sheriff departments and state offices will make a difference on how we keep our freedoms,” she said. “People are moving to South Dakota because of our values. We don’t allow lawlessness, we help our neighbors and take care of our elderly.  I grew up with these freedoms, and some people are trying to slowly take those away. I am going to stand strong for all of us, especially our elderly and our youth.
“We the people have the right to make choices.   There are several things dear to me, but I also want to know what is important to you. This country is unique because of all our different cultures and backgrounds. We stand together, we win together.”

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