Hair down in Heart of the Hills

Girlfriends once again descended onto the streets of Hill City to celebrate the 8th annual Girlfriends Weekend in the Heart of the Hills.

While some businesses reported the event was “slower” than usual, the event proved to be a relaxing time for the women who came.

Sage Weber, 33 from Riverton, Wyo., planned the trip to Hill City for her and her friends as a getaway.

“I would say from where we live it’s like the closest getaway that’s not a city,” she said. “You can rent a house and get to everything here. It has a small town feel and it’s so fun.”

Weber had no idea it was Girlfriends Weekend until she Googled what there would be to do. Weber and her friends took advantage of the shopping and the comedian, but most of all the freedom.

“We do have the restrictions on social gatherings in Southern Wyoming,” she said. “We have counties that have mask mandates. South Dakota has no COVID restrictions. We don’t have to wear masks and we can relax.”

Her friend, Doreen Pereda, 40 of Riverton, Wyo., echoed the “let your hair down” vibe Hill City has to offer.

“Everyone is so welcoming here,” Pereda said. “We got a cool AirBNB right up on the hill. We can walk into town. The kids can just run around the brewery while we drink. We pretty much took over the Mangy Moose last night. We pretty much shut it down.”

Christina Deacon, first time Girlfriends Weekend attendee from Sioux Falls, came with her friends Kelly Lacey, Megan Richly, and Holly Cleland. The group also enjoyed the laidback vibe Hill City has to offer.

“I think the atmosphere is the best,” Deacon said. “Just being in this town. The people are really friendly too.”

The “around 40ish” group also did an AirBNB, which they “loved.”

“We’re right up on the hill,” Deacon said. “It’s really cool.”

The girls have been friends since high school.

“Last night we went to the Mangy Moose,” Deacon said. “There were no men there. It was all women. Usually you go to the bar and there’s men kind of oogling and ogling. We just danced it up and had so much fun. I don’t think that’s ever happened once in our entire lives. It was just so much fun.”

Judy Walker, owner of Stage Stop Leather, saw a steady stream of women all weekend. She enjoys catering to the women who come to town for the weekend.

“It’s nice to see girls come here from all over,” Walker said. “It’s something they look forward to coming to. They can relax and just enjoy being girls.”

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