Hermosa gets unusual visitor

Nathan Steele

Tourist season brings folks to Custer from all walks of life. Visitors come from all corners of the globe and are of all different backgrounds—species too apparently. One such visitor, a vagrant moose, has been the talk of the east side of Custer County recently.
The moose, which some have begun to refer to as “Marty,” was first spotted Tuesday, June 4 near Hermosa between Hwys. 36 and 40.
Angie Pemble, who lives in that area, was one of the lucky people to see the moose.  
She was at her house when she said it was “just crusing through my pasture.”
“I snuck up behind a tree and took a few pictures when a kitty cat came flying through the weeds and scared him,” said Pemble.
Startled, it went up to a neighbor of Pemble’s property before cutting back through her north pasture heading northwest. That was the last she saw of it.
She estimates it was there for about only five minutes.
She knows it had been down Hwy. 36 in the morning, where her neighbor got a picture of the moose also.
Pemble is a lover of natures and animals and has been all over country. The only other place she has seen a moose was in Wyoming, where she thinks the moose came from.
“It was short of a shock to see it. I figured it just got lost and probably came from Wyoming,” said Pemble. “This guy just needs to find a safe place.”

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