I’m still cool, Gray!

Leslie Silverman

I usually don’t read my colleague’s column. But since I heard how good his last one was I had to check it out.

Hmmm, my response? I’m still cool as heck. So maybe I’m not such a grown up?

Now I know it’s totally uncool to proclaim you’re cool, but I hear how cool I am all the time from my younger friends. I don’t just think it’s the adventure sports that make me cool. I mean, that’s definitely a part of it.

I would never drive a sensible Civic. I have a cool SUV and a Harley, which, of course, is the expensive version of being cool.

Now I will say I have no clue who half the bands are that are “ cool” to listen to. But I will say most kids still know the timeless cool bands — Zeppelin, Ozzy, and Motley Crue. They might not listen to them, but they can identify their music. And I still go to local shows and support local bands whenever possible.

I’m not one of those 50 somethings (ugh I’m 50 now) who stands on the sidelines and bobs their head. I’m straight up up front, in the pit if not creating the pit.

Now I will say when it comes to social media and online living I am totally uncool — if you define cool by keeping up with all the latest gadgets, streaming services and shows, websites, etc. When my 20-something friends talk I have a pretty good idea of what they’re saying, so I guess I get their slang pretty well!

Fast food — I was never much of a fan. I find most of my younger friends actually make their own food/brew their own beers. They seem to all have more money than I do and hardly ever work!

I think what makes me still cool, though, is that I am not afraid to try new things. Or do things that people my age “ shouldn’t” do.

Last summer my 24-year-old (she reminds me now that she recently turned 25 and is now able to rent a car) friend and I went to Evans to swim. She was all about the slide. As I walked up the stairs behind her I was thinking, “I’m too old for this. I’m too old for this.” And as I slid down the slide I was thinking,  Wow, this is fun! This is fun!”

My friend was waiting for me at the bottom of the slide. We were both smiling, laughing and running up the stairs to go back down again.

Gray, I totally know what you’re saying. I have friends who are younger than me who constantly complain about “how old” they are or feel. They are old. And yep, just a bit uncool.

I have friends who are older than me who seem so young and yes, so cool. I don’t know though, if cool and “growing up” go hand in hand. I think I’m pretty darn responsible. I keep myself and a dog alive. I work five days a week and I pay my taxes. I call my mom almost every day just to say hi.

But, I don’t take things too seriously. I could live happily in a cardboard box (or a camper, haha) if I had to. I’d be equally as comfortable at an opera or play as I would a dive bar or metal show. Some people are constantly complaining they have to go to work and I’m thinking I’m grateful I get to go to work.

People mow their lawns and think it’s a chore. I think it’s a privilege to get to work outside in the fresh air to make my land more beautiful.

Gray, I don't know if you’re cool or not, but if you think you’re not and you want to be again just go for it. You can only lose your coolness in your own mind anyway, because honestly, no one else is paying too much attention!

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