No lack of things to read this issue

“There’s nothing in the paper.”
It’s a phrase that makes anybody working at a newspaper cringe, because the person saying it is not only overlooking the 12-to-16 pages of content we put out in the newspaper each week, but is also overlooking the hours the staff at the Custer County Chronicle puts in each week to produce our weekly newspaper. Luckily for us, we rarely hear this phrase, so we think we are doing something right.
Even for the most picky of readers this issue will provide plenty of content, as it contains our annual Progress Edition. Within this issue is an extra 30 pages of content, all designed and telling you all about the progress and good things going on in Custer County. Whether it’s a new business, an expanding business or progress on infrastructure, you’ll read all about it within this pages.
To offer you a peek behind the current, the Progress Edition is a monumental task for our small but mighty staff. Work begins on the edition in February, with sales starting and a planning meeting held to determine which stories we will be writing about for the issue. Once stories are brainstormed they are assigned and the work begins. Some people have a puzzled look on their face when you’re interviewing them in February and tell them the story will come out in mid-April, but we have to start on it in February or we would never get it done. There is just too much work to be done. The ad building starts immediately as well, and as the stories are completed they are put on the layout. Everyone is involved, and on top of doing all of this we have to continue to focus on putting out a regular paper, putting out Down Country Roads magazine, etc. You get the idea—there isn’t a whole lot of down time between those initial planning meetings and the day we send the Progress Edition to the press.
We harp on this every year, but it remains true. We simply could not do this without the support of our advertisers. They are what makes the annual Progress Edition possible. So, if you like what you see in these pages, thank one of our advertisers for making it happen. If you are a business that likes what you see in these pages and haven’t advertised, please consider doing so. We can promise it will be a benefit to you, and it helps us to continue to do what we are doing. The more advertising we have, the more great news we can bring you about all the exciting things going on in the county.
A big thank you to you, our readers, as well. Without eyes on the pages of the paper, it ceases to exist. We hope you enjoy the issue and you can be a part of all the exciting things happening right here in Custer County. The reasons there is always progress to report is because this county is full of people who are always getting things done. There’s no better proof of that than the 30 pages of the Progress Edition.
Each and every year we wonder if we are going to have to scrape for stories to put in this issue, but it is never the case. Custer is too vibrant and too active for that to be the case. There is always something going on, and there is always someone trying something new and exciting. You’ll find all that within these pages. We hope you enjoy the read.

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