Raymond Walker

Raymond David Walker was born Oct. 7, 1968, in St. Louis, Mo., and attended high school at San Clemente, Calif. He also studied electronics at Palomar College. Raymond, “Little Ray “to his friends and family in California, spent his teens up in Shaver Lake with his dad, which he always spoke of fondly.
He grew up strong working with his dad breaking rock—so strong that he could even bend a quarter in half with two fingers.
When Raymond finished high school he decided to hitchhike across country to visit his grandmother. During this time, he worked in cotton fields doing hard labor. He even almost took a job on a ranch for a man who picked him up and gave him a ride but decided not to on the grounds that if he took the job, he would not be able to quit it. Eventually, he made his way back to California, where he met his first wife and had a beautiful daughter who he loved dearly.
Raymond always loved fishing. He even went out on the Bering Sea on a huge fishing boat just like on the TV show “Deadliest Catch.”
Raymond met his current wife Jill and the two were just about inseparable soon after. Ray loved to make Jill smile and wooed her with his deep baritone voice. Jill adored how sweet-hearted he was and so handsome with those big blue eyes that could melt your heart.
He was proud to have over 20 years as a professional driver. He made many good friends as a fuel transportation driver. He always took the extra time to be friendly with all whom he came into contact.
Raymond was passionate about cooking. He would spend hours making these big, tasty breakfasts for the family so full of time and heart. Everything he made was good. Some of Jill’s favorites were his homemade French fries, smoked chicken and sautéed rice with vegetables. He even dreamed of opening his own restaurant someday.
Ray loved his pickup truck a lot, a Dodge RAM. He was so happy when he got it. He put a really nice grille on it that he got lots of compliments on.
He also enjoyed playing games, be it on his cell or PS4. He was very good at it. His wife Jill marveled at watching him play games like Red Dead Redemption on the PS4. He played a lot of sports games with his son, especially baseball.
On his last home time, he enjoyed riding bicycles on the Mickelson Trail by his home in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota. He planned a fishing trip with his son and caught some real nice fish. They were able to spend father and son time listening to their favorite rock and country songs.
Raymond loved all of his family and friends very much. He had so much love and respect for his father, uncles, aunts, cousins and friends out in California.
Raymond, of Pringle, S.D., died Aug. 23, 2021. He was 52.
He is survived by his wife, Jill; three children, Raymond K. Walker, Cody Reese and Julie Walker; parents, Raymond K. Walker and DaAnn Strawn-Piglowski; two siblings, Don Pearman and Melodie Guerra; and two nieces.
Jill, Raymond K., and Rufus love him so much and will dearly miss him. Blessed are we who were lucky enough to have been part of Raymond’s life and legacy.


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