War between Hamas, Israel will be ugly

As if the brutal war between Ukraine and Russia weren’t enough to hang a dark cloud over our world, we had a new war break out recently when Hamas attacked Israel, sending hundreds of rockets and armed militants into Israel, slaughtering many innocent civilians in the process, while also taking hundreds of hostages. Israel, of course, responded by ordering a “complete seige” of Gaza, cutting off food, electricity, fuel and water supplies. It also immediately began pounding Gaza with air strikes.
Israeli officials sound very determined and very angry. Israel’s energy minister Israel Katz said Gaza will not be provided with any electricity, water or fuel until the hostages are returned home.
“No electrical switch will be turned on, no water hydrant will be opened and no fuel truck will enter until the Israeli abductees are returned home. Humanitarian for humanitarian. And no one will preach us morals,” Katz said.
Israeli Army chief of staff Herzi Halevi vowed to launch a long and decisive attack on the Gaza Strip, saying the territory “will never be the same again.”
“This abominable attack was decided on by Yahya Sinwar, the sovereign in Gaza, which makes him and all of his apparatus under him dead men,” he said.
The scenes coming out of both Israel and Gaza are horrific, as they always are when there is war. Predictably, the world is asking Israel to show restraint—not in annihilating Hamas—but in trying to make sure that innocent people in Gaza are not killed. We have heard the same refrain from the Ukraine war, where Ukraine is asked not to injur civilians while Russia bombs Ukrainian citizens unfettered and unpunished.
We would certainly never advocate for the killing of innocent civilians, but why is it always the aggressor who gets to kill people with impunity (mark our words, neither Hamas leaders or Vladmir Putin will face any consequences for their slaughter of innocent citizens) but the country defending themselves is automatically taken to task when civilians die? You’re supposed to be better than them is usually the answer. But these are evil, evil people doing barbaric things, and sometimes that requires overwhelming force that causes collateral damage. It should be avoided if it can be, but sometimes it’s part and parcel with smacking around the enemy.
Terrorist organizations like Hamas need to be taught a lesson. Israel seems like the country to do it. With superior forces, especially in the air, unless some sort of truce is called, it’s likely Israel will punish Gaza and the terrorists that hide within it. Maybe Hamas will learn its lesson. These goons seem incapable of any thought but murder, however.
Hamas messed with the bulls and is getting the horns. Just like they should.

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