We hope you enjoy ‘The Best’

Located in this week’s issue of both the Custer County Chronicle and the Hill City Prevailer News you will find our “The Best” supplement, which highlights the best of the things that happened in 2021 in both Custer and Hill City. It’s a 56-page issue that we have been working on for quite some time.
The Best is mostly lighthearted, although there are a few entries that really weren’t the best of anything, but were still significant enough to merit being included in the issue. We try to keep the section mostly upbeat, but there are things that go on during the course of the year that aren’t happy but still should be noted as a memorable time in the communities in which we live and serve.
Putting this special section together isn’t easy and is worked on literally year-round. First Gray Hughes and then Esther Noe at the Prevailer and Jason Ferguson at the Chronicle spend time each week of the year pulling significant and fun moments from the year and stockpiling them for possible inclusion into The Best. By the end of the year, they have quite a stack to choose from, and not everything makes the cut.
Kate Najacht spends months selling the advertising for the piece and Jay Gismondi devoted a lot of time putting those ads together for our valued advertisers. After that it’s layout time, and it’s not an overnight thing to put together something that is 56 pages. It takes some time, but it’s a labor of love.
That brings us to the advertisers. The reason this piece can be 56 pages is because the advertisers make it possible. We beat this drum every special issue we do, and with good reason. It’s not possible without their support. Without their steadfast support, we could never create this piece, let alone have it balloon to 56 full-color pages, which it has done over the years. So, if you like “The Best,” let the advertisers know. Do business with them. Let them know you saw their ad in “The Best.” Let them know you appreciate their part in making it happen.
The easy part of putting the supplement together is finding things from our neck of the woods that are the best. That’s because we live in the best place in the world, the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota. There is always something going on in Custer, Hill City, Hermosa, Keystone, etc., and that is reflected in the issue. The people and events are what make our little corner of the world so special and we hope that is reflected in this keepsake edition.
As we trek down the path of 2022, it’s nice to take a fun look back at the year that was. We know this year will provide plenty of moments we can catalog for next year’s issue. We hope you enjoy, and thank you for your support.

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